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BetterMe™ Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

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BetterMe™ Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

Achieve your dream eyebrows on fleek in seconds only with this easy-shaping eyebrow powder stamping kit!

This fine brow makeup kit helps you to create instant flawless, symmetrical arches mess-free with just an easy stamping. Featuring a handy brow stamp powder, 10 reusable stencils of different length, thickness and arches height, and 2 eyebrow spoolie brush. The brow stamp has a soft cushioned end that only releases the blendable powder in each tap for a much precise color distribution. Simply position the stencil that best matches your brows, then gently stamp the browder powder until it shapes and fills all sparseness. After that you can use the included spoolie to brush up messy eyebrow strands and done. 

The brow powder stamp contains excellent waterproof and sweatproof qualities that can withstand any liquid exposure or humidity. Allowing your perfect arches to stay photo-ready all throughout the day without any unwanted smudging or fading. What’s more? This brow powder is also applicable for filling in receding hairlines, balding scalp and covering graying roots. Made with premium, organic ingredients that can be applied directly onto the brows without causing irritations or harming its growth.  

Enhance your brows shape and fullness without any struggles using this eyebrow powder stamping kit!


  • One-Step Shaping Eyebrow Kit
    A handy eyebrow beauty kit that comes with an innovative brow stamp powder, 10 customized brow shape stencils and 2 eyebrow spoolie. Allowing all professionals, makeup enthusiasts, and even novices to successfully create the perfect, even arches in no time. Saving you from your time-consuming eyebrow filling or shaping routine and the struggle of making it neatly symmetrical. Simply position the stencil of your desired brow shape, gently stamp the brow powder to fill in, do the same process on your other brow and you're good to go!

  • User-Friendly Design
    The brow powder is packed in a product-filled stamp with a soft, mushroom-like cushion that corrects and fills in sparseness with ease. Releasing a fine, fully blendable powder as you tap so you can freely adjust the application depending on your liking. The reusable stencils offer 10 natural eyebrow styles in different shapes and arches height selection to meet your needs. Just choose the stencils that look fit to your natural brow or look best for the makeup style you're going for. 

  • Long-Lasting Performance
    This eyebrow stamp powder adopts an exceptional waterproof and sweatproof formulation. Providing you an all day and night flawless, gorgeously arch up brows that won’t budge even on the hottest of days or rainy seasons. No more smudging eyebrows or constant retouching needed. No worries as the powder can be removed in just a quick wiping using any makeup remover.    

  • Multi-Purpose Powder
    The brow powder is available in 3 shades, including light brown, natural brown and dark brown which can cater a wide range of eyebrow and skin color. It can be used not only for eyebrows, but also for filling in and masking receding hairline or covering up graying roots. Moreover, this complete brow makeup kit would make a great gift for family, friends, colleagues, sister, girlfriend, wife and so on. 

  • Premium Quality
    Formulated with the highest of quality, skin-friendly ingredients which boast stellar pigmentation and waterproof qualities. It is completely cruelty-free and non-toxic to ensure that it can be applied daily without causing irritations, discomfort and allergic reaction. Furthermore, the included stencils do not contain any sharp edges to prevent the user from getting harm.


  • Color: Light Brown / Natural Brown / Dark Brown


  • 1 x BetterMe™ Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

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