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Travel-Friendly Pet Water Bottle

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Travel-Friendly Pet Water Bottle

Keep your pooch properly hydrated even on walks and road trips with this travel-friendly dog water bottle! 

A must-have 2-in-1 water bottle for every pet owner which can be smoothly inverted to serve as a water bowl. It can easily deliver the contents upward to fill into the bowl in just a squeeze and automatically sucks the remains back inside once released.  Providing you an access to fresh, healthy water to let your precious pup remain cool even on walks, road tripping or a long flight. The built-in bowl is also designed ergonomically which allows any dog breed to drink effortlessly without leading to mess and major spillings. Moreover, it comes with an easy-twist lock that exceptionally secures all the liquids inside from any leakages and accidental drippings. 

This travel dog water bottle is comfortably light and compact so it can neatly fit into any bag without taking up much space. It has a large water capacity that will let your pet stay perfectly hydrated even after a long day outside. Suitable on walks, hiking, camping, road trips, vacations, picnics, trekking, kayaking, traveling, and so on. Constructed with 100% non-toxic, premium HDPE material that can be safely used on your furry friend without causing any negative reactions.    


  • Foldable Water Bottle
    A handy 2-in-1 pet bottle can be smoothly inverted anytime to serve as a water bowl. Allowing your dog to stay cool and refreshed even when you're out on walks, road tripping or a long-haul flight to avoid dehydration and heatstroke. All you need is a simple squeeze to draw out an appropriate amount of water and fill into the bowl! No need to toss the remaining liquid out as it can automatically sucks it back inside once released. What’s more? The built-in foldable bowl comes in a unique shape that lets your mutt drink easily without mess and wasted water spilling on the ground.

  • Excellent Leak-Proof
    This dog travel water bottle is equipped with a thickened body and an exceptional leak-proof lock. Ensuring all the contents from dripping out even when it gets shaken, thrown, falls off or steps on. The water bottle also boasts an impressive load bearing that can withstand 150 lbs of weight without opening, breaking and any leakages. Saving you from the spilled messes and the worries of traveling with a wet pack. Simply twist the lock first to open before squeezing the water out and twist it back to close again.

  • Portable Design
    The foldable water bottle is highly light and it can be neatly stored into your backpacks, luggage, duffels, totes and such without taking up space. Furthermore, its compact size is also convenient for carrying by hand or you can also use its attached wrist strap. Making it an ideal solution to give your pooch its needed hydration without the inconvenience in transportation, packing and preparing. Suitable when you're out on walks, hiking, camping, road trips, vacations, picnics, trekking, kayaking, traveling, and more possibilities.

  • Large-Capacity Bottle
    This portable 2-in-1 pet bottle offers a capacity of 20oz that is fitting for refreshing smaller to medium size dogs. Providing your furry companion a perfect amount of water that it needs to perfectly relieve heat on a warm, long day. You can now always have ample access to fresh, healthy water in just an easy squeeze even outdoors!

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, BPA-free HDPE plastic material with outstanding durability and long-lasting performance. It does not easily deformed or damage even after a countless year of use. Additionally, the water bottle is 100% non-toxic and safe to be used on dogs and other furry friends like cats. 
  • Material: HDPE plastic
  • Size:

  • 1 x Travel-Friendly Pet Water Bottle

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