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ISmile™ Bright Teeth Whitening Essence

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ISmile™ Bright Teeth Whitening Essence

Let’s See Our Satisfied Customers’ Wider, Brighter Smiles After Using This Ultra-Bright Teeth Whitening Essence!

Sarah P. Bradley, 45, Las Vegas, Nevada


“I used to smoke and drink coffee almost everyday, but stopped when my teeth had turned an ugly yellow. I’ve already tried various whitening toothpastes yet not even one of them has helped me with my problem. I feel so embarrassed with my stained, yellowish teeth which come to a point that I don’t even want to talk or smile anymore when I’m out, especially when ordering food. Luckily though, I’ve found this well-reviewed teeth whitening essence online and hurriedly purchased it to test it out myself. It features a pen-like design with a small brush tip at the end which gives me ease of use when “painting” my teeth. Anyways, I was really thrilled that with just a few brushes of this product on each tooth, it already started to remove the nasty stains that my toothbrush can’t get rid of. I’ve been using it for only 5 days and I must say that my teeth had already turned like 10 shades whiter, but without it looking unnatural. So glad that I’ve tried this product, thanks to it I don’t have to struggle with my yellow teeth anymore and can smile confidently again! A true game-changer, I highly recommend it for everyone!”

Roy C. Souza, 55, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“My teeth had looked really stained due to my smoking habits and were now gradually trying to break it to prevent my teeth from further damaging. The discoloration on my teeth had turned so bad and yellow enough that I felt insecure about it when I smiled at work. My friend had told me about this whitening essence and though I’m actually skeptical at first, I gave it a shot and it's one of my best decisions ever. In just my first use, I could already see a big difference on how it whitens my teeth. The yellowish stains had been naturally removed, though my teeth are not yet purely white since it's only my first application of this product. After just 5 days and all the discoloration on my teeth are now perfectly gone. My teeth are now back to its pearlescent white look that no one would even know that I’ve been smoking before. I’m thankful that I don't have to hide my smile anymore!”

💡What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

Tooth discoloration is the change in the color of your teeth which allows it to look stained, yellowish and less bright unlike what they should be. Some other discoloration even causes white stains or dark spots in some certain places. Tooth discoloration is a condition which can develop due to different factors which includes aging, where the outer layer of enamel on the teeth starts to thin and slowly get worn away. Leading for the yellow dentin to be exposed and the translucency of the tooth to reduce which make it look darker than before. Another common cause of yellowing teeth is because of bad lifestyle habits like smoking as it can stain the teeth and large or daily intake of coffees, teas, red wine, colas, and starchy foods. Poor dental hygiene is also one factor of discoloration as not enough brushing can make tartar and plaque to build up in the teeth or even gums. 

Stained teeth or the yellowing of the teeth does not actually pose any health risk or not as urgent as other dental conditions. However, the dreaded yellow hue can affect people’s confidence and make them feel embarrassed about their smiles. That is why we introduce ultra-bright teeth whitening essence. A highly-effective, at-home treatment that can give your teeth a total makeover and transform your smile into a brighter, whiter one in just a few swipes! 

✨Say Goodbye To Embarrassing Yellows Stains And Get Your Teeth Sparkling In no Time!✨

This whitening essence is formulated with advanced teeth-friendly ingredients that works actively to fight-off years of pesky stains and discolorations. Allowing its formula to act as a “paint” that successfully eliminates all kinds of dental plaque which gets accumulated from the surface of the teeth in only a few days. Moreover, it breaks up the nasty yellow stains continuously and overly gently to prevent the further enamel wearing, decaying, sensitivities and the sore that you get from abrasive products. Making it an ideal solution even for those with fragile teeth and sensitive gums. This professional teeth whitener also offers protection against future damages, discolorations and stains build ups.   

The teeth whitening essence is designed in a lightweight pen-like style to provide you maximum ease-of-usage and comfort. It equips a gentle brush tip that can swipe effortlessly and evenly on crooked teeth and hard-to-reach areas that toothbrushes or other products can’t reach. It only needs one to two swipes from each tooth and waits for at least 30 seconds or 1 minute before rinsing to deliver stunning pearly white teeth. Achieve its pretty powerful result in just 5 days of regular use! And promote an overall healthier-looking, brightened teeth without the trip to the dentist and long-hours of pricey laser treatments! 

Key Ingredients

  • Carbamide Peroxide - is an oxidizing or bleaching agent that works by bringing out a safe chemical reaction which dissolves the stains on the teeth. It produces a dramatic whitening change in only a few days or more, depending on the stains, that will leave your teeth to your desired brightness and shade of natural white. Allowing you to refresh the appearance of your smile without the additional side effects unlike with other ingredients. Moreover, carbamide peroxide can relieve sores and other irritations or discomfort from your dentin.
  • Sodium Hydroxide - is a common tooth whitening product that can perfectly eliminate all stubborn yellow stains and deposits from the surface of the dentin. Making your tooth back from its pearly white color in no time without causing anymore enamel wearing or sensitivities. Furthermore, sodium hydroxide also assists in neutralizing the pH levels in the oral products and adjusting it to a perfect level. Allowing it to improve the overall efficacy of the product so you can get the best of its benefits out of it.     
  • Potassium Nitrate - comes with an active formulation that builds a strong protection to effectively treat and alleviate tooth sensitivity. It safely desensitizes the internal nerves around the teeth which makes them unresponsive to the sensitivity stimuli. It enables you to confidently drink or eat cold, hot, acids or sweet food and beverages without the sharp, temporary pain in your teeth. Lastly, potassium nitrate is also highly beneficial in blocking off tooth cavities from affecting the deeper layers of your dentons. Preventing your teeth from developing decay, severe toothache, infection and worse tooth loss. 
  • Menthol - has been used as an excellent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory in a wide array of dental products since way before, thanks to its powerful antioxidant action. Allowing it to successfully kill germs and bacterias in the mouth to stop future growth and counteracts swelling as well as gingival bleeding. Menthol also consists of vitamins and minerals which helps in fortifying the enamel to prevent it from easily wearing off and causing the yellow hue of dentin to show off. It even keeps the teeth and gums strengthened to ensure your overall oral health in check. In addition, it acts as a popular mouth-freshener due to its cool, minty flavor that can soothe minor aches and mask bad breath away. 

📝Check Out Mia’s 5 Day Journey To A Whiter Smile

"I’ve always hated my not-so-white teeth and have occasionally not been having luck with any whitening products that I’ve tried. Upon searching online, I saw this whitening essence and in my desperation on treating my teeth, I’ve tested it out. I’m seriously amazed that only in the first coat and it had already subsided that yellowish stain on my teeth. And in only a few days my teeth had never been so white! I’m not usually one to drop down comments on products that I’ve bought, but this one really deserves it that I just had to share my amazing experience with it!"

Day 1

"This product has a brush tip where you can coat and apply the formula easily to all of my teeth, especially since I have crooked teeth. After 30 seconds, as said on the instruction, I rinsed to remove the formula and was pleasantly shocked with how my teeth had turned a shade whiter than before! It does not look so awfully yellow anymore and even the build up stains on the edges were cleaned." 

Day 3

"After a few days of using it regularly, you can now clearly see some significant improvements on my teeth color based on my photo above. I also noticed that it not only whitens my teeth, but it also helps in keeping my mouth so fresh. I also love the fact that it is compact so I can easily store and carry it with me always, especially when I forgot to apply it at home. On my third day of use, I still haven’t experienced any sensitivities or other negative effects at all which is a great plus."  

Day 5

"In just 5 days my teeth had gotten 10 shades lighter, it looks really dazzling and feels more strengthened than before. Honestly, my teeth have not been this white since probably ever since and I love how it does not make my teeth look fake at all. It definitely beats going to a dentist that costs so much bucks! This teeth whitening essence is really true to its promise and it is the only product that surely brings a smile on my face. I have had many of my colleagues ask me specifically about my teeth and I’m proud to recommend this to them. It never disappoints!"

~Mia Carter, 34, Rolla, Missouri


  • ✅ Provides immediate, visible results for as fast as 5 days
  • ✅ Successfully erases all nasty yellow stains and all kinds of dental plaque from years of build up
  • ✅ Prevents further enamel wearing, decaying, sensitivities and soreness
  • ✅ Offers an active ingredient that exerts an anti-sensitivity action
  • ✅ Makes teeth 10 shades lighter and brighter 
  • ✅ Kill germs and bacterias in the mouth to stop future growth
  • ✅ Comes in a compact, pen-like design with gentle brush tip for maximum control and whitening even for hard-to reach areas
  • ✅ Made from pure, teeth and gum loving, active ingredients to ensure safe and powerful teeth whitening effect at all times


  • Ingredients: Carbamide Peroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Nitrate, Menthol
  • Net content: 4ml (0.14oz)
  • Recommended usage: Apply it daily. We recommend applying packs of 5 for the best result. ( 8 weeks as a complete treatment, amount of packs required varies with the severity of yellow stain. Packs of 10 are recommended treatment amount for people with severe stains. )


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