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Tattoo Brightening Treatment Balm

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Tattoo Brightening Treatment Balm

Make even your oldest tatts exceptionally popping with this tattoo brightening treatment balm!  

This amazing brightening balm effectively restores dull-looking, faded tattoos and brings back its natural vividness and aesthetic appeal. Enhancing your recent inks or even your oldest tatts and allows them to be proudly shown off anytime. Moreover, this tattoo balm can safeguard your body artworks from easily waning and loosening their shade. It even provides excellent healing properties that assist your inked skin in a proper and faster recovery process. Perfect for relieving inflammation, redness, scabbing and ensures to prevent infections and other complications.      

The multi-purpose tattoo balm also supplies a deep hydration that helps in locking in moisture to your tattooed skin. Keeping your skin perfectly soft and smoother while simultaneously alleviating itchiness, dryness, flaking and damaged skin. Made of quality, skin-loving ingredients that can be safely applied on both old and new tattoos without causing burns, discomfort, and irritations. Simply apply and spread the balm evenly on your artwork for full coverage and you're good to go. No worries as it also does not contain any harmful odors so you can use it confidently for your day-to-day tattoo brightening, treatment and moisturization.

Jump into the tattoo world and keep your ink looking aesthetic and vibrant all year long using this tattoo brightening treatment balm!  


  • Intensive Tattoo Brightening
    A professional non-oily tattoo balm that successfully restores and upgrades the color intensity of your dull, faded ink in an instant. Providing your old or even your newly added tatts an ever-lasting vibrant, aesthetic shine that will surely amazed everyone. Furthermore, it not only supplies natural vividness, but it also protects your body ink from easily fading and damaging. Great for all tattoo styles, including colored and non-colored ones.

  • Fast and Enhanced Healing
    This brightening balm also acts as an excellent aftercare treatment that helps your tattoos to heal properly. It also allows your skin to speed up a smooth recovery process after tattooing to keep it from being vulnerable to scarring and infections. Moreover, this tattoo balm can relieve inflammation, redness, scabbing and even prevents other complications. 

  • Highly Moisturizing
    The tattoo aftercare balm also promotes a long-lasting deep moisturization that provides your inked skin with its well-needed hydration. It effectively soothes dried, flaking and damaged skin caused by tattooing. This brightening treatment balm can even revive your tattooed skin from its smoothness and supplenes. In addition, its moisturizing effect also helps in fighting off irritations and itchiness. 
  • Quick and Easy Application
    This multi-purpose balm comes in a handy, circular holder that can be effortlessly carried anytime, anywhere for aftercare and moisturization. It spreads evenly and easily on the skin to give you maximum control and coverage. Ideal for small, medium and even larger tattoos. Simply apply the gel on your tattoos using your fingers then gently massage and spread it for better coverage and done.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of 100% skin-friendly, quality ingredients with multiple hydrating nutrients that nourishes, heals and moisturizes the skin. It can be safely applied on all skin-types, old tattoos or recently post-ink without causing burns, discomfort, and other irritations. This brightening treatment balm does not also contain any foul, toxic odors to ensure the user’s health.   
  • Ingredient: Olive oil, beewax, cocoa butter
  • Size: 15g
  • 1 x Tattoo Brightening Treatment Balm

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