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Reusable Anti-Aging Silicone Patches

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Reusable Anti-Aging Silicone Patches

See Our Happy Customers’ Comments On How Rejuvenating These Reusable Anti-Aging Silicone Patches Are!

“I’ve always had deep crow's feet lines and been bothered by how noticeable it is on my face. That’s why I’ve tried this patches after seeing its great reviews on the internet. On my first time trying it, my skin feels so replenished and my creases look more subdued rather than its usual harshness. After 4 weeks and that’s where I visibly see how it firms my skin and fades my deep wrinkles. I’m on my week 8 now and it completely flattens my crow's feet lines. My skin even feels so much softer than ever! This pad also doesn’t cause me any itchiness, which is a plus because I really have sensitive skin. It can be washed repeatedly without loosening its adhesiveness so you can reused it a couple of times. This is one of my best purchases!” 

Aleyna Ismail, 37, Dallas, US

“I was really taken aback by how these patches give you faster results for younger-looking skin! I'm already in my golden age so It's really common for me to have wrinkles, yet it still bothers me and makes me look way older. Thankfully, I got my hands on this set. I stick the patches on my neck lines and smile lines and let it stay overnight and when I remove it the next morning the creeping creases have softened flawlessly. It’s my 5th day now of using it and my face and neck is now more tighter and lifted without any unnecessary discomfort. It also moisturizes my skin well and prevents it from drying up. What I like more about these patches is their strong adhesiveness. It holds firmly, yet comfortably all night onto my face without me needing to readjust or re-stick it even when I toss and turn in my sleep.” 

Nathalie Mertens, 53, Belgium, Europe

Fine Lines and Wrinkles Explained

Fine lines are shallow creases that tend to form on thin, delicate skin along the expression lines and appear when you smile, laugh or frown. Wrinkles are a deep-set line that is mostly caused by muscle contractions under the skin. 

It forms anywhere on the face, neck, chest, hands, knees, elbows and can even turn fine lines into wrinkles. These creases and deep lines are both a by-product of the aging process. Allowing the skin to become thinner, drier, and less elastic which in turn leads to the formation of creases we call fine lines and wrinkles. 

How Does Reusable Anti-Aging Silicone Patches Help Reverse The Sign Of Aging?

The Anti-Aging Patches are a medically-grade silicone that are specially designed to decrease the mobility of expression lines without any discomfort. Allowing the skin stay taut and lifted to make it firmer and effectively decrease the opportunity to develop or deepen creases. It enhances the facial contours painlessly and works hard to release the active compounds deeply into the skin to further smoothen the wrinkles. In addition, it successfully floods and retains moisture to give out a plumper look and healthy, radiant glow. 

The patches are lightweight and ultra-thin which allows it to be left at your skin with great comfort. Each patch is also washable and can be reused for at least 14 times without loosening its adhesiveness and anti-wrinkling performance. Making it a great non-invasive treatment to improve the sign of aging.

Check Out Claire’s 8 Weeks Wrinkle Tightening Using Anti-Aging Patches

I’m strict with my beauty regimen to keep my face clear and youthful. But even with my skin-care routine, the fine lines that creeped around my eyes are still not reducing, instead it even seems to deepen more and more that it’s visible now even when i’m not smiling or laughing. I saw this patches online when I’m looking for another product and decided to give it a shot as it is really compelling.  

Week 1:

So after 7 days of consistent use with the patches, I felt my skin was a lot firmer around the eyes. I also notice that the creases have seem to lessen and there are no more new crow’s feet line forming. Can’t wait to see what it can do more and what my skin would look like after more weeks!

Week 4-6:

Used it for a little more than a week and as seen on my photo its effect is much visible now. I really like the look and feel of my skin even after using this product for such a short period of time. The fine lines around my eye have dramatically reduced and my skin is lifted. I also want to add that this product has also moisturized my skin well. It does not dry out and feel itchy anymore. Making it much smoother and softer every time it's applied.  

Week 8: 

I would definitely recommend this product to a friend! It really diminishes my crow’s feet lines as well as enhancing my facial contours around my eyes. My skin now has a healthy-looking glow and is more plump. I even gained compliments during our batch reunion that I hadn't aged at all! I’m planning to continue using this product and thankfully the set can be reused multiple times so I don’t need to purchase it every week!    

Claire Foster, 45, Brisbane, Australia

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