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Perfect-curl Rechargeable Heated Eyelash Curler

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Perfect-curl Rechargeable Heated Eyelash Curler

Give your lashes a major instant lift all day long with this rechargeable heated eyelash curler! 

This lash curler comes with a smart heating technique that successfully turns your dull lashes with an eye-catching lift and curling. It distributed a safe and even heat throughout the lash strands that can stay flawlessly curled all day and night. Providing you with gorgeous looking natural eyelashes at all times without any retouch or the inconvenience of wearing falsies! The curler features 2 temperature modes including a low heating for shorter and thin lashes, and high mode for hard, thicker lashes. No worries as both modes are completely safe to perform the best curling and lifting without any potential lash damage.

The heated lash curler is designed in an improved, classic curler shape to perfectly work and fit to the contour of any eye. It offers a soft, anti-scald padding that lets you confidently curl anytime without burning the lids, poking, or leaving unsightly clipping dents. Moreover, this lash curler is fully rechargeable and it can be stashed inside your beauty kits or bags without taking up space. No need to pack up bulky batteries around anymore to get that photo-ready, artist approved lashes everyday, everywhere! 

Create a sky-high, gorgeous curled lashes in just a press of this rechargeable heated eyelash curler! 


  • Easy Lash Heat Curling
    A must-have beauty tool designed in a classical eyelash curler shape with a built-in advance heating technology. Providing you the perfect combination of heat and curling to help your dull-looking straight lashes with an instant stunning lift and volume. Making your eyes more enlarged and dramatically striking which can surely draw anyone’s attention to stare and be amazed. Simply press the button on the curler and pre-heat it for 30 seconds first. After that, align it to your eye, then press to curl your lashes in 3 sec, and you can now have long-lasting curled lashes! You can still rock a mascara or fully skip it depending on your desire. No more messy falsies adhering and multiple coats of mascara needed anymore!

  • All-Day Lasting Curl
    Provides an evenly distributed heating for that intense curl that can last all throughout the day and night of your adventure. Its heating design allows your lashes to stay curled up in shape and lifted even when exposed to different temperatures and environments. You can now have that photo-ready lashes at all times without the need of any retouch! Ideal for daily use, work, vacation, dates, anniversaries, malling, lunch out, party, concerts, clubbing, birthdays, and more possibilities.   
  • Ergonomic Design
    Features a classic curler style shape that fits seamlessly to any eye shape. It equips soft, anti-scalding silicone padding that enables you to curl lashes without the unsightly clipping dents and worse burning the eyelids. Ensuring that you have safely curled and gorgeously lifter eyelashes at all times. Additionally, this heated lash curler is lightweight and it can be gripped easily by one hand for maximum control and comfort.

  • 2 Temperature Modes
    Comes with 2 safe temperature options that can be freely switched anytime according to your lashes needs. It supplies a low temperature of 149 °F (65°C )  that’s perfect for those with soft and thin lashes, and a high temperature of 185 °F (85°C) for hard and thicker lashes. Moreover, the curler lights up automatically with color green to indicate that it is on and is at 65°C and color blue when it's on 85°C. Both temperature modes are safe to be used on your delicate lashes and can be used daily without burning, drying, and other potential lash damage.   

  • USB Fast Charging
    Has a rechargeable fast-charging battery that you can fully boost up in 15 minutes with longer usage capacity. It adopts a type-c port so you can conveniently use any USB c cords and charge it through computer, laptop, power banks, charger and so on. It is designed in a compact size which allows it to fit nicely and neatly on your bags, beauty pouches or makeup kits without taking up space. A great travel-friendly heated curler for an everyday, everywhere wow-worthy lashes!  


  • Charging Port: Type-C (cable not included)
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Temperature options:  65°C / 85°C 
  • Size: 16 x 5 x 8.3cm
  • Color: White/ Pink


  • 1 x Perfect-curl Rechargeable Heated Eyelash Curler

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