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Painless Electric Eyebrow Shaper

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Painless Electric Eyebrow Shaper

Tame your unruly brows in flawless grooming using this painless electric eyebrow shaper!

The electric trimmer is built with a high-speed rotary motor and an arched head that performs a painless, precise brow shaving. It smoothly shapes your bushy hair and removes all stray on top and bottom of your brows in record time with no cuts and nicks. Furthermore, this sleek trimmer is light and it fits snugly in the palm for better gripping and maneuverability. No worries as it is gentle on all skin types so it won’t cause you any redness and irritations after use. 

This eyebrow shaper is compact size which allows it to be stashed in your bags or makeup kits without taking up space. Ideal for keeping your brows flawlessly groomed anytime whether you're on vacation, travels, business trips or hotels. It also features an LED light so you can trim even on dim places with great visibility. Additionally, the cordless electric shaper supplies a removable shaving head for ease of cleaning after use.

Give your brows the perfect arches it deserves with this painless electric eyebrow shaper!  


  • Precise Eyebrow Trimming
    A classy electric trimmer designed with a doubled edged blade and high-speed rotary motor. Allowing you to effortlessly remove unruly and stray hair on the top and bottom of your brows in minimal time. It delivers a precise shave anytime that can fine detail your eyebrows and target even the smallest or hard-to-reach areas around it. Leaving no strands of hair behind that will ruin your desired look.   

  • Safe and Painless
    It offers a luxurious, gold-plated arched head that allows you to smoothly trim your brows closer to the skin without cuts or nicks. Preventing it from causing harm, redness, irritations, and even accidental pulls. The trimmer is hypoallergenic as well so it's gentle on all skin types and can be safely used regularly. You can now painlessly shave your eyebrows and maintain its shape without the traditional waxing and tweezing. What’s more? It also works great in grooming your nostril hair without taking out too much and causing infections.

  • Ergonomic Design
    This cordless electric brow shaper is ultra-light and it can be held comfortably in the hand with a secured grip. Providing you maximum maneuverability around the contour of your face to clean and shape your brows. Perfect whether you have straight, arched, rounded, steep arched brows and so on. Additionally, it comes with a built-in LED light that lets you groom with no problems even at any low light areas.  

  • Portable Size
    The eyebrow hair trimmer is exquisitely constructed in a compact, lipstick size that fits snugly in the palm. It can be stashed anywhere through your handbags, pouches, makeup kits, totes and bags without taking up much space. Suitable when you're on, travels, vacations, business trips, hotels and more so you can keep your brows flawlessly shaped at all times. 

  • Battery-Operated
    Powered by a replaceable AAA battery that can be easily switched anytime when it's all run out. Saving you from the annoying power cords that get tangled or lost often. Moreover, this electric shaper has a detachable trimming head so you can simply rinse it with water after use to remove debris or stucked hair.


  • Color: Red / Black / White
  • Powered by: 1 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Size: 10.5cm x 2.5cm x 2.3cm (4.1" x 1" x 0.9")


  • 1 x Painless Electric Eyebrow Shaper

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