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Cithway™ Orthopedic Leg-Correcting Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles

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Cithway™ Orthopedic Leg-Correcting Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles

Let’s See Our Satisfied Customers’ Leg-Postural Improvement Story With Orthopedic Leg-Correcting Magnet Massaging Shoe Insoles!

Abigail Harris, 45, San Francisco, California ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“My legs have been feeling achy quite often for about some time now and just found out that I’ve developed genu valgum which makes my knees knock together. This condition doesn’t really give me difficulty in moving, but now that I really notice it, I feel really embarrassed with how weird and bad my leg posture is. It also stops me from wearing tight jeans and mini skirts as they don’t conceal my obvious x posture legs. Luckily, after long research for possible non-surgical treatment, I have come across this high-rating orthopedic magnet therapy insoles and gave it a try. My first time using the inserts and I can already see the difference with how my legs should look with correct posture. Each insole gave my inner heel the perfect lift to properly align my legs and prevent my knees from knocking. They also promote a great massage-like feel which keeps my feet relaxed and comfortable. What I also noticed is that I no longer felt fatigue even after a prolonged walk or standing after a tiring work. Moreover, day after day I can see progress in my condition and how the insoles continually condition my bones to stay into their proper, natural position. Today is only my 4th week of using the insoles and I can already proudly say that my legs look perfectly straightened now even without the insoles and the mild achiness are all gone. I can now walk and stand much comfortably without my knees rubbing or knocking together. With my properly corrected legs, I can wear shorts and skirts again with or no insoles on without feeling conscious of how my legs look. A true life-saver that I highly recommend!”   

Hazel White, 38, Milwaukee, Winsconsin ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I’ve been struggling with bowed legs for almost all my life and though this deformity does not cause physical pain for me, I must admit that it makes me feel so self conscious. It is unsightly and embarrassing to look at that I even got made fun of because of it before so I always have to wear loose pants just to conceal them. There are many types of leg braces and orthopedic supports for foot problems. I stumbled on these nice-reviewed corrective magnetic insoles and decided to try it. I was pleasantly amazed with their immediate relieving effect and incredible support. For my first week I can already feel my legs getting used to the improvements with my leg alignment. The insoles also provide remarkable cushioning which keeps my feet and legs from any pain and discomfort after a long day even with the high support. After just 4 weeks or less of constant use, my legs are now properly straightened and I can walk and stand in a good position even without wearing the inserts! No more awkward postural look or my knees pointing outwards especially when I stand. My colleagues even noticed about it and they compliment me with how I look more confident now. I wish I knew about these corrective insoles sooner, I highly recommend them for everyone having leg deformity or disorder.”

What Are XO Legs and How Does It Develop? 

Leg deformities are musculoskeletal abnormalities that affect the appearance or function of the legs. This condition can be present from birth (congenital) or acquired (a result of an injury, infection or tumor) which usually occurs in children, but can be also developed in older teens and adults. Leg deformity can include many different conditions such as the bow legs and knock knees or also known as the XO legs. 

Bowed legs (O-legs) which is also called genu varum in medical terms, is an incorrect alignment around the knee. This condition allows a person’s legs to curve (bent outward) at the knees, creating a wider space than normal between the knees and lower legs. Thus, making the entire legs look like a ‘bow’ while standing, and especially when walking. Rarely, bow legs can be caused by a more serious medical condition, such as rickets, blount disease, and other conditions that affect bone growth. 

Knock-knee (X-legs) or also known as the genu-valgum, is a common lower leg abnormality that turns the knees inward. It makes the knees to be touching together with a 3 inches or more gap between the ankles. Though genu-valgum is almost always a benign variation in a child’s growth or hereditary, it can be also caused by a leg/feet injury, infection, bone malformation (rickets), bone disease, obesity, and arthritis in knee joints.    

These XO conditions’ false curvature of the legs is considered an aesthetic (cosmetic) disorder.  They also prompt an increased leg instability, deformity, damaged knees, progressive knee degeneration (arthritis), and chronic pain when left untreated due to misalignment and unwanted pressure. This is why we introduce you to orthopedic leg-correcting magnetic therapy shoe insoles! A highly-effective pair that delivers maximum support to keep the feet and legs properly aligned for a permanent straight leg appearance in only 4 weeks.   

Medical-use Insoles That Makes You Walk Confidently Again With Beautifully, Properly Straight Leg Posture

A pair of orthopedic inserts adopting a 10° slope design which prompts an excellent, medically raised support for the heels. These insoles allow the wearer to naturally improve the leg alignment overtime by ‘training’ the legs, hips, and feet into proper posture at all times. Both inserts can be positioned according to your needs and help treat both XO leg deformities, over pronation, over supination and even pigeoned toes without surgery. Additionally, these leg-correcting insoles also provide an intelligent magnetic therapy effect that relays gentle pressure against the bottom of the foot reflexology points. Thus, providing a boost in the overall blood circulation, body rejuvenation, and protection of the health of the feet and legs. The embedded magnets also prompt the body’s healing process and support an instant relief for chronic pain, minor aches, foot fatigue, discomfort, and such.

The leg-correcting magnetic insoles offer a perfect ultra-soft cushioning designed to reduce your overall foot pressure and make every step even more comfortable. Their elevated feature also eliminates foot and leg fatigue even after an all day and night walking or standing. What’s more? Each insert is highly breathable to ensure that the feet are nicely fresh, dry, and odor-free even on the sweatiest of days. Suitable for different footwear, including sports shoes, boots, work shoes, running shoes, high-cut shoes, sneakers, and more possibilities. Achieve that beautifully straight and properly positioned legs with just 4 weeks of regular use.  

Why Highly Recommended by Orthopedic Doctors 

  • Magnetic Therapy - An advanced technology that uses different kinds of magnets on the body to help boost your overall health and rejuvenation. The orthopedic shoe insoles are embedded with these fine magnets placed perfectly around the reflexology points. Delivering a gentle, massage-like pressure to the bottom of the foot’s specific zones that are directly connected to other areas of the body. Thus, promoting a boost in the blood circulation which also helps to assist and protect the health of the feet and legs. Magnet therapy is also approved by podiatrist and health care professionals and is popularly known to be highly useful in treating several health conditions, including contractures, arthritis, fractured/weakened bones, and more. It can even provide an immediate relief to chronic pain, minor aches, foot fatigue, discomfort, and such.  
  • 10° Slope Design - Adopt 10° raised from the sides that can be reversed on either position to provide a medical lift for ankle inversion or eversion. The inserts well-built elevated support prompts an increased comfort wearing experience and assists in distributing the body’s overall weight evenly and properly. Allowing you to reduce pressure and strain on the feet and legs and making them more relaxed even after long hours of standing or on the move. In addition, these insoles promote overall stability while maintaining correct alignment. This in turn, improves your feet, legs, and hips posture, reduces the risk of injuries, and even boosts your athletic performance and leg movements. Suitable for those experiencing  genu-valgum (knock knee) or genu-varum (bow bone), stress fractures, shin splints, pinched nerves, heel spurs, foot abnormalities/deformities, and such. 
  • Premium Material - Made with medical-grade, durable gel material that conforms ergonomically and fittingly to the shape of the heel. The inserts are completely skin-friendly to ensure that it can come into direct contact with the skin for a prolonged period without irritations or any allergic reactions. They also supply an ultra-soft cushioning for maximum comfort and protection. Furthermore, these corrective insoles are highly breathable to allow air to circulate freely and maintain a fresh, odor-free, and sweat-free feet all day long. They are perfectly washable and guarantee to hold out against several years of endless steps without deformation and wearing-off.  
  • Perfect For Different Shoes - these leg-correcting magnetic therapy insoles can fit comfortably into most footwear. They also offer superior self-adhesive effects to ensure that they can securely stay in one place even as you move around. Great for sports shoes, boots, work shoes, running shoes, high-cut shoes, sneakers, and more possibilities. The inserts can be removed anytime and be placed from one shoe pair to another with not a single harm or sticky residue left behind. 

  • Check Out How Sienna Say Goodbye To Her Leg Deformities In Only 4 Weeks Using Orthopedic Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles:

    "I am slightly bow legged/O leg and have knee pain. My orthopedic suggested trying these well-reviewed to help with my legs deformation. At first, I was hesitant as I am confused with how an insole would help, but nevertheless I gave them a go. In just a few weeks, my awkward deformities have naturally straightened, allowing me to now stand and move around with my legs in proper position even when I’m not wearing the insoles anymore! The pain had even completely gone together with my bow legs condition!"

    Sienna Thompson, 34, Michigan, USA ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Week 1:

    "Just for my first use and the insoles corrective performance already felt so good for my feet and legs. They even offer a magnetic therapy effect which helps in soothing the pain on my knee that has always been a part of me. In only 7 days I can already feel my bones properly adjusting and taking in the habit of standing and walking in the correct feet and legs position. Though, I still can't perfectly stand straight without the insoles since it's only been a few days."

    Week 2:

    "After another week of wearing the inserts and the alignment of my legs are now much more obvious even when I'm not using them. They keep my legs in their natural proper position already so that I don’t have to constantly use them anymore. I also love the fact that I can use them on different closed footwear without causing tightness, discomfort, or movement restrictions. They also support my feet so well that I don’t get to feel any fatigue or muscle cramps on the legs even after a long stand and walk."

    Week 4:

    "In only 28 days and the annoying outward appearance of my knees and legs looking in O shape are now completely corrected. I can already stand and walk properly with straight legs and without leaving a wide space on my knees now. Perfect to wear skirts again! I don’t even have to use the insoles anymore and even the pain has already stopped. My partner had told me how good and healthy I look now with my correct posture. These orthopedic insoles are such a game changer! They never disappoint."

    Highlighting Benefits

    • Treats bow-leg and knock-knee deformity in just 4 weeks
    • Naturally align the legs, hips, and feet in correct posture to permanently improve leg abnormality appearance. 
    • Produces an advance magnetic therapy the gently put pressure on the reflexology points to increased overall foot and leg health and body rejuvenation
    • Provides instant relief to chronic pain, minor aches, foot fatigue, discomfort, and such.
    • Adopts a thickened cushioning that makes each step even more comfortable
    • Improves healing and treats XO deformities, contractures, arthritis, fractured/weakened bones, and more
    • Perfect for most footwear such as sports shoes, boots, work shoes, running shoes, high-cut shoes, sneakers etc. 
    • Made with medically-grade, skin-friendly materials that can be directly come into touch even to the sensitive of skin without irritations or hamr. 


    • Material: Magnet, Silicone
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    • 1 pair of Orthopedic Leg-Correcting Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles

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