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Oilex™ Natural Spots Whitening Yellow Peeling Oil

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Oilex™ Natural Spots Whitening Yellow Peeling Oil

Let’s See Our Satisfied Customers’ Blemish-Free, Radiant Appearance With Our Natural Spots Corrector Peeling Oil!

“I’ve been struggling for almost all of my life with my severe dark spots which just won’t seem to disappear and leave me alone. It started when I was a teen with normal breakouts until it got worse, making it more painful to touch, inflamed and doesn’t bother to fade anymore. It makes my skin tone awkwardly uneven and filled with darkened acne scarring. I was to the point where I would try any products that I would see to treat my skin, but not even one of them had worked out for me. Thankfully though, after hearing about this well-reviewed peeling oil from my friend, I hurriedly checked it out and was pleasantly surprised with its immediate effect. It only took me 3 weeks of application for it to completely banish my dark spots. I just followed its instructions of use and true to its promise, each time it peeled my face, the blemish had been lightening and fading. My skin complexion looks so flawless, brightened and undeniably even now. I never had to shy away from pictures and any social interactions anymore. I even got tons of compliments from my colleagues and said that my skin looks so clear and smooth. What I like most is that even with its intense peeling performance, it does not dry up my skin and even make it more well moisturized after use. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants their discoloration gone!”

Elena Chavez  ⭐ 
39, Anaheim, California

“I have had problems with my hyperpigmentation that suddenly develops on my skin. My face looked so awfully dry and darkened with the countless spots that formed. It makes me feel so self-conscious with my own skin and jealous of those with fair, spotless complexions that I even consider doing laser treatment just to banish my skin problem. I’ve been scrolling up online when I saw this spot's corrector peeling oil and had decided to give it a shot and to tell you what, it was one of my best decisions so far. I actually didn’t expect the quick improvement when I first used it and not gonna lie, I was really shocked and kind of scared at first with how it peels off. In my first application, the discoloration in my face already faded and I even noticed that it also helps in making my skin feel so smoother and cleansed. On my 9th use, and that's when my darkened spots had already significantly decreased, it’s not visible anymore and is already almost the tone with my natural complexion. I’ve been using it only for about 3-4 weeks, and my hyperpigmentation can’t be seen anymore and is all treated now. I’m really happy and satisfied with how the results turned out. Not only does it fade my darkened skin blemishes, but it also softens, smoothen and makes my skin look so radiant! This peeling oil is a sure game-changer and is worth every dollar.”    

 Leilani Willson  ⭐ 
27, Dallas, Texas

What Causes Skin Hyperpigmentation And How Does It Develop?

Dark spots or hyperpigmentation comes from the word “hyper” or more, and “pigment” which means color. It is a common, usually harmless condition that occurs when some areas of the skin appear to be darker than its surrounding area. Hyperpigmentation ensues due to the results of overproduction of melanin, a substance in the body that produces the skin and even hair and eye their natural pigmentation. Allowing them to appear clump or produced in higher concentrations. This condition can happen in the face and most parts of the body, particularly in elbows, knees, underarms, knuckles and back of the knees. This is because of the repeated trauma or friction that causes the skin to thicken and prompts the increase of production in melanin or accumulation of dead skin cells.     

The darkening of the skin can affect people of any race or ethnicity and even develops in any age with small patches or even covering larger areas. There are different factors that trigger hyperpigmentation, including excessive sun exposure, hormonal influences, aging, skin injuries, inflammation, medication, and skin conditions like acne, eczema, or psoriasis. Though hyperpigmentation is not a cause of concern for health, most people choose to remove them due to cosmetic reasons and the society’s obsession with even skin complexion. That is why we introduce you to natural dark spots corrector oil! An effective, non-surgical solution in fading off all skin darkening areas in only 3 weeks! 

Strive For An Even-Toned, Glowing Complexion Only With This Natural Dark Spots Corrector Peeling Oil!

This advanced peeling oil offers a unique formulation of potent, natural ingredients that actively performs an obvious dark-spot correcting benefit to all skin color. It quickly absorbs to the skin and gently penetrates to its layers and interferes with melanin or the increase in pigment production. Allowing it to successfully impede the development of future formation of discoloration or hyperpigmentation in the skin. In addition, the peeling oil promotes a thorough exfoliating properties which effectively slough away accumulated dead skin cells and clogged excess oils. Removing all stubborn existing dark spots and debris which leads to an improved texture and an even-toned, spotless skin complexion. It even speeds up cell renewal at a deeper level which also works in rapidly fading up unwanted blemishes and darkened pigmentation in the skin. 

The dark spot removal peeling oil also assists in encouraging a healthy collagen production in the body. It acts to smoothen and bring back the skin’s natural elasticity while simultaneously reinforcing its protection against environmental stressors. Preventing sun damages and premature age spots which is also one of the triggers in hyperpigmentation. This fine product is safe for daily use for all skin types and it offers pain-free peeling actions to avoid irritation, redness and discomfort. What’s more? It is applicable for face and different body parts, including underarms, bikini areas, elbows, knees, feet, hands, inner thigh, neck and other darkened areas that need treatment. Achieved a smoother and healthier porcelain-like brightened skin in only 3 weeks of regular correct usage! 

Key Ingredients Of Natural Dark Spots Corrector Peeling Oil:

  • Salicylic Acid - is one of the most common ingredients in terms of treating and fighting acne spots and various blemishes. It comes from a class of drugs known as the salicylates which works effectively in reducing inflammation and redness as well as unplugging blocked off skin pores which helps in minimizing unwanted pimples. In addition, it helps to soften out the skin to perform a thorough yet gentle exfoliation to shed dead skin cells from the surface layers and removes excess oils that block the pores. Allowing it to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate the skin as it assists in successfully regenerating new skin cells by increasing collagen production. Salicylic acid is also known for its abilities in eliminating stubborn whiteheads, blackheads and other buildups in the skin that lead to acne. Moreover, it impressively improves skin texture and brightens up the skin for a smoother, glowing and even appearance. 

  • Glycolic Acid - is a super ingredient that’s part of the family of AHAs, or alpha hydroxy acids which helps in dissolving the bonds between oil and dead, discolored cells on the skin’s surface. Thus, leading it to loosening and lifting off the dead layers of the skin and debris to reveal a clearer, brighter, and an all-around glowier skin complexion. In addition, glycolic acid promotes an improved cell turnover and gives the skin a better exfoliation to keep its healthy texture. It even suppresses the production of melanin in the body which assists in preventing future skin color darkening. Lastly, glycolic acid supports the collagen production which in turn strengthens the skin’s natural barrier against environmental aggressors. Protecting it against sun damage and even from clogging out pores which are one of the factors that causes melanin overproduction and dark spots.    

  • Licorice Root Extract - is a sought-after herb and ingredients in the skin care world due to its multitude of benefits be it from skin lightening to anti-inflammatory properties and such. It effectively inhibits the secretion of tyrosinase, an enzyme that contributes to your skin's pigmentation process and responsible for discoloration. Allowing it to stop the formation of dark spots or hyperpigmentation while simultaneously fading existing ones. It contains glabridin compounds which also stops discoloration from their tracks immediately after sun exposure thanks to its UV blocking enzymes that shields the skin against damage. Licorice root extract even offers glycyrrhizin which consists of powerful anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidants properties. Easing up inflammation as well as speeding up the body’s healing process to treat acne breakouts, and injuries. Furthermore, it actively softens and improves the skin texture by regenerating the body’s collagen and elastin supply. 

  • Centella Asiatica Extract - contains powerful antioxidant properties thanks to its natural flavonoids and phenolic compounds. It successfully protects the layers of the skin from the damaging effects of sun UV rays and pollution which helps in preventing the formation of discoloration. It even works in calming down acne and other skin flare ups that might cause darkened spots. Moreover, centella asiatica promotes a healthy collagen synthesis which assists in the improvement of wrinkles and giving the skin their healthy texture. Providing you with a smoother, softer, and naturally even skin complexion.  


Check Out How Stacey Target Dark Spots In Her Skin For Only 3-4 weeks:

I’ve developed an embarrassing darkened underarms maybe due to irritation and my consistent use of shaving razor. It turned out so dark that it stood out so much to my natural skin color and prevented me from wearing any sleeveless tops. It’s so uncomfortable for me to talk about treating my dark armpits to my friends or coworkers so I opt in going online and doing my research which had gotten me into this peeling oil product. I am extremely pleased with the results and amazed at how much it has changed the appearance of my underarm discoloration in 4 weeks!      

Week 1:

During my first application, this product already showed remarkable effects with how it decreases the dark areas on both of my underarms. I was really amazed with how fast-acting it is and by the time I'm on my 7th use, my armpits are not already alarmingly dark anymore. It also goes on smooth on my skin and dries up quickly so I don't have to uncomfortably put my arms up and wait for prolonged hours. I also like the fact that the peeling is completely pain-free unlike with other products, and it can be even peeled off easily anytime.  

Week 2:

On my 2nd week, this peeling oil had seriously reduced the appearance of my skin discoloration, making it lighter and almost invisible with each peel. It also does not give me any types of allergic reactions or irritations upon and after use. So far, it's only my 2nd week and this product has already made my skin almost completely clear and bright. 

Week 4:  

This is the best decision I have made for my skin-care and overall confidence! In each use I have made progress and I’m so in love with how it improves both the darkness and skin texture of my underarms. My overall armpit skin tone is better now and it's more even color, brighter and feels notably soft to touch. I’m so thrilled that one of my biggest insecurities is completely gone and I get to enjoy myself in wearing sleeveless tops and bikinis with confidence now. It’s been only 4 weeks and yet it has helped me feel a lot better about myself. I love it, it does not disappoint! 

Stacey Brooks  ⭐ 
33, Colby, Kansas


  • Visibly fades hyperpigmentation and other skin dark spots in 3-4 weeks
  • Gently and deeply exfoliates darkened, dead skin cells that dulls the skin appearance
  • Blocks off the increase in production of melanin to prevent future discoloration
  • Speeds up cell renewal at a deeper level to rapidly diminish unwanted dark spots and blemishes
  • Encourages a healthy collagen production in the body for a softer and smoother skin texture
  • Strengthened the skin’s natural barrier to protect it against environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution
  • Rejuvenates the skin for a clearer, brighter, and an all-around glowier skin complexion
  • Made with natural, skin-loving ingredients that’s suitable for all skin-types
  • Can be used for different body parts like face, underarms, bikini areas, elbows, knees, feet, hands, inner thigh, neck and other darkened areas
  •  100% pain-free peeling


  1. Clean your skin before apply the oil on skin surface. 
  2. Wait for 15-20 minutes and gently peel off.
  3. Rinse off and apply cream/moisturizer. Use daily for optimal results.


  • Key ingredientsSalicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Licorice Root Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract
  • Net content: 50ml/1.7oz 


  • 1/2/4/10pcs x Oilex™ Natural Spots Whitening Yellow Peeling Oil

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