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Multipurpose Dual-Ended Eyebrow Cream

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Multipurpose Dual-Ended Eyebrow Cream

Fill your arches with a gorgeous dose of color in just a swipe with this multipurpose dual-ended eyebrow cream!

This dual-ended eyebrow tool features a handy angled-brush head and a super-pigmented eyebrow cream all in one pencil. It lets you neatly shape up and nicely fill in sparse spaces into fullness effortlessly in just a few quick strokes. Delivering you that enhanced, natural-like arches finish that even beauty experts would be amazed by. What’s more? This makeup tool can be even used for lining or accentuating your eyes and creating that popular Korean aegyo sal look. Providing your overall makeup look an instant, stunning glam up with just a single beauty tool. Available in 4 stellar shades, including light brown, dark brown, gray, and natural black color. 

The multipurpose dual-ended brow cream adopts impressive all day long wearing performance thanks to its waterproof qualities. It can stand up to water, rain, sweat, tear, and other liquids with not a single smudging, fading, and retouching needed. This brow cream is perfectly light and it supplies a non-slip, ergonomic design for maximum gripping and control. It is also highly portable and can be tote into bags or makeup kits without taking up space. Made of high-grade, non-toxic formulation that can be used safely on any eyebrows and near the eyes without any allergic reactions. 

Give your brows that neat volumizing and shaping in one go using this multipurpose dual-ended eyebrow cream!


  • Natural Filled-In Eyebrows
    An ultimate eyebrow beauty tool designed with a handy angled-brush head and high-pigmented eyebrow cream head on the other end. It can effortlessly swipe to shape and nicely fill in sparse arch spaces in no time with one of the most natural-looking finishes. Additionally, it not only brings fullness to your arches, but it also helps in keeping you more alluring and framing your entire face into symmetry. Providing you that insta-ready, gorgeous neat brows and an overall enhanced makeup that every woman would surely envy. Lastly, it saves you more time and the troubles of having more beauty tools by keeping both brush and cream together in one pencil.

  • Widely-Used Cream
    This double-ended eyebrow cream is super-versatile and is also applicable for lining your eyes, inner corner, and creating that charming korean aegyo sal look. Making it a great all-in-one beauty tool that delivers defined, fuller brows, and also that dramatic or youthful accentuated eye finish. The multipurpose eyebrow cream comes in 4 different super-pigmented shade selections to meet your different needs. Available in light brown color, dark brown color, gray color, and natural black color. 

  • All Day Long Wearing
    The fine eyebrow makeup provides a superior staying power and waterproofing performance. Allowing it to successfully resist water, rain, sweat, tear, and other liquid without smudging, fading, or messing up. You can now flaunt that flawless shape up brows and eyes all throughout the day and night even in the sweatiest or rainy of seasons. The perfect eyebrow cream for every lady with little to no retouching needed! 

  • Ergonomic Design
    This dual-ended beauty is ideally lightweight and non-slipping to bring you that excellent gripping and easy maneuverability at all times. The arch brush can smoothly glide along your brows fine hair and leave that gorgeous pigment in one pass. It enables you to shape and fill to your desired arch thickness with great ease and speed. The eyebrow makeup is also compact in size so it can be neatly stashed inside bags or makeup kits without taking up space. It allows you to have that neat volumizing brow look anytime even when you're on vacations, business trips, office, dates, and so on.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic formula that strikes the perfect wash of pigment and 24-hour longwear capabilities. It can be safely used daily for eyebrows and near the eyes without irritations, itchiness, swelling, and other discomfort. Suitable for all skin-types, including oily, dry, normal, combinations, and even to those with hypersensitive skin. No worries as this eyebrow makeup can be also easily removed anytime by using any makeup remover or oil.


  • Color: #01-Brown / #02-Dark Brown / #03-Grey / #04-Black


  • 1 x Multipurpose Dual-Ended Eyebrow Cream

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