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Milkora™ Melanin-reducing Whitening Cream

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Milkora™ Melanin-reducing Whitening Cream

Check Out Our Happy Customers’ Snow White Skin With Advanced Skin Whitening Body Cream!

Hannah Patterson, 25, Fresno, California 

“I’ve switched deodorant and been using it for almost a month now not knowing that it leaves irritations that cause a nasty dark streaks on my armpits. I disregard it and think of it as a normal thing because I just switch products, until recently, I’ve noticed how black it became that even my sister had called me out on what happened to it. I felt so distraught and self-conscious about it that I never wear spaghetti straps and sleeveless shirts anymore even at home. Luckily though, my sister had come upon this skin whitening body cream online and told me to check it out. In as fast as 5 days I was pleasantly surprised how it improved my embarrassing darkened underarms. Not only that, I also see a difference with how much it makes my skin so smooth and soft to touch. Almost 2 weeks and you can clearly see in my photos how it completely lightens my skin! No more dark streaks left and even my normal armpit lines vanished. I can confidently wear my tank tops and spaghetti straps again. My friends even compliment me on how flawless my underarm looks! Already recommended it to them and you should try it too! You’ll never regret it!”

Kaye Foster, 29, Montgomery, Alabama 

“I have very dark knees and have always been jealous of girls and even boys with very fair and light knees. I’ve already tried religiously scrubbing it in every wash, but it only just makes my skin more red and sore afterwards. After some research online, I’ve seen this well-reviewed skin whitening cream and gave it a go immediately. Not even a week yet and I’ve already seen some noticeable brightening effect on my uneven skin tone. What I like more is that I don't even need to scrub it to remove my darkened spots, I just gently put a small amount on my knees and gently rub it. Each day my skin turns lighter and lighter and in 14 days the darkened areas have totally faded. You can see in my comparison how well it whitens the whole area of my darkened knees and how it looks much more softened and moisturized unlike my dark, dry-looking skin before. I never thought that there would come a day where I would never dread summertime and wear cute skirts and bikinis. This is such a life-saver! I’ll be continuing to use it and try it to lighten my elbows as well.”

What Causes Skin Darkening🔍

Darkened or discolored skin patches and areas is the change in the skin color that differs and appears darker from its natural skin tone. It usually developed on certain body parts due to a difference in melanin levels or overactive melanocytes. Melanin is a substance in the body that provides pigmentation to the skin, hair and eyes which is produced in melanocytes. When these special cells become damaged or unhealthy, it affects the body’s melanin production, and when your body makes too much melanin, your skin appears darker. A skin with too much melanin is called hyperpigmentation or hyperpigmented skin. Though skin darkening can affect any part of the body, it usually happens on knees, elbows, underarms, back of the knees and such due to a lack of attention unlike the face. 

Melanin Forms Easily In Daily Lives...🔍

Let's check out what common behaviours / factors you've experienced that contribute to skin darkening:

  • *Improper underarm hair removal
  • *Using deodorant frequently
  • *Sun exposure
  • Skin inflammation
  • Medication / Certain diseases
  • Pregnancy
  • Accumulation of dead cells
  • Constant friction or skin rubbing

Skin discoloration is usually not a sign of anything serious that may affect the health, but some people may find them humiliating and unattractive. This is why we introduce skin whitening body cream! An effective, non-invasive treatment that combats uneven skin tone and leaves you with a fairer, radiant skin in just 14 days!

 Revolutionary 14-day Whitening Cream:
Fight Off All Darkened Spots For An Even, Lighter Complexion!

Mikora™ cream is professionally-formulated with multiple active whitening ingredients that addresses all hyperpigmentation in the body. It penetrates through the skin and effectively sloughs away dead, discolored skin at the surface to reveal a brighter, even out complexion. Moreover, it not only fades and eliminates darkened spots, but it also inhibits the melanin production in the body to prevent future discolorations. It even acts in cleansing unwanted accumulation of cells and dirt from the epidermis which leads to the patches of skin that become darker than the surrounding area. 

In addition, this whitening body cream supplies a long-lasting moisturization that lovingly hydrates parched skin with its much-needed oils. Reducing skin problems like extreme dryness and plumps it up to reveal a spotless, soft-to-touch healthier looking skin. This whitening cream even strengthened the skin’s barrier to prevent sun damage and other environmental stressors that trigger dark spots. It is highly gentle and effective on all skin types of any complexion. Suitable for various body parts, including knees, back of the knees, elbows, necks, underarms, and even to your bikini areas. Naturally tone and lighten uneven, darkened skin in only 14 days with regular use!

Key Ingredients:

  • Squalene - A lipid naturally found in human sebum, as well as other animals and plants that is popular in various skin care products. It acts as a natural emollient which locks in moisture to the skin and eases dry patches. It effectively smoothes and softens the skin and even mimics our skin’s natural sebum and helps in controlling the overproduction of natural oil. Moreover, it is enriched with powerful antioxidant qualities which improves the appearance of skin tone. Allowing it to reduce skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation and fading the look of dark spots to give you a flawless, even skin complexion. Squalene also works in strengthening the skin’s natural barrier from environmental stressors, including sun rays which is one of the culprits of skin darkening.  

  • Glycerin - Also often called glycerol is an amazing multi-tasking ingredient that is often found in multiple whitening products. It successfully draws in moisture and retains it from the skin to soften and smoothen out the rough texture. It also prevents wrinkles, breakouts, and perfectly improves the overall health of the skin. Furthermore, glycerin comes with active exfoliating properties that can gently cleanse and remove dead skin cells and other accumulation. This in turn, helps in lightening discoloration, especially the cause from sun spots, age spots, acnes, and scars. 

  • Pigment-Grade Titanium Dioxide - Widely used pigment for lending whiteness and opacity. It consists of active whitening composition and helps in suppressing the generation of excessive melanin in skin cells. It can aid in hiding blemishes, dark spots, discolorations, and brightening the overall skin surface. In addition, titanium dioxide works as a UV filtering ingredient that blocks the absorption of the sun’s ultraviolet light. Preventing it from damaging the skin’s protective barrier that may cause the skin to produce more melanin and darken or even lead to premature aging.

  • Fine Pearl Powder - An ingredient that’s been used for more than thousands of years for traditional Chinese cosmetics and medicines. It is crushed pearls that's been heated to boiling point and are milled to create a fine powder. It offers fantastic benefits from the skin from its abundance of minerals, including calcium, magnesium and irons. Pearl powder promotes skin regeneration and allows dead skin cells on the top layer of the epidermis to fall away. Revealing lightened and fresh, newly created cells beneath. It even tones skin and inhibits melanin production. Fading away all blemishes, hyperpigmentation and sun spots while also protecting the skin from pollution and outside elements with its skin-loving amino acids. Lastly, it locks in a good amount of moisture in the skin and works in rebuilding the skin’s natural production of collagen. 

  • See Audrey’s Journey To Fairer, Smoother Skin In Only 14 Days: 

    My darkened underarms is one of my biggest insecurities that had never left me for years now even with my constant underarm whitening regimen. Without much successful improvements, I’ve decided to switch out my products before and only use this skin whitening body cream to get rid of those pesky armpit shadows. And needless to say, my underarms had dramatically smoothen and became fairer as it promised!    

    Audrey Romero, 36, Louisiana, USA      

    Day 1:

    "My first use of this whitening cream and I’m already amazed with how well it deeply moisturizes my armpits without causing it any irritations. It has a very smooth cream texture that can be easily blended and absorbed in the skin with a few massages. I was actually not expecting any effects of brightening as it's been only my first day of application, but upon closer look, I can see a teensy difference. My darkened underarms have subtly lightened and it does not look as dried with multiple lines anymore."

    Day 7:

    "After a couple of more days I can already proudly tell that it significantly decreases the darkened area on my armpits. It looks so much more faded now and not totally black anymore. I also want to add that it dries up pretty quick and it does not leave a stain on my clothes. It also does help my skin to feel more smoother and fresh. It does not make my underarms sweat or even leaves any sticky residues after use. In my 7 days of use, I haven’t experienced any allergies or itchiness in my skin."

    Day 14:

    "In my photo above is the result of my 2nd week of regular usage of this skin whitening cream product. My underarms had never looked so spotless and exceptionally smoother like this and I didn't expect that the results would be THIS fast and effective. If I only found this miracle cream sooner then I never had to bear with those awful streaks for as long as I can remember. I can now finally say goodbye to my discoloration and enjoy my sleeveless tops and dresses with full confidence. I really love it and highly recommend it to everyone! It also says to improve other body parts like knees, elbows, and bikini areas."

    Life-changing Benefits:

    ✅ Completely remove melanin  accumulation especially on underarm within 14 days

    ✅ 4X skin whitening on applied area

    ✅ Inhibits overproduction of melanin to prevent future skin darkness

    ✅ lightens and even out skin tone

    ✅ Strengthen skin's barrier to prevent sun damage

    ✅ Long-lasting moisturization for healthy-looking skin

     Full-body applications not limited to underarm

     Suitable for all skin types

    ✅ Fully-packed with powerful antioxidant qualities

    ✅ Made with 100% skin-loving, active ingredients

    ✅ Easily absorbs through the skin in just a simple massage


    • Net content: 60ml
    • Shelf years: 3 yrs


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