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Medium Tube Newborn Soft Coral Velvet Socks

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Medium Tube Newborn Soft Coral Velvet Socks

Keep your little one's delicate toes nice and cozy even as the temperature starts to drop with these winter baby plush socks! 

A must-have winter essential foot clothing designed in a double-thickened fuzzy coral fleece for optimum insulation. Providing your toddler’s sensitive feet a pleasant warmth throughout the day and night during the cruel cold seasons. These lovely socks supply an excellent cushioning that keeps the feet protected and highly comfortable. Moreover, they are all snug-fitting and stretchable to avoid constant readjustment, blood flow restriction, band digging and marking. No worries as all pairs are also breathable to retain your child’s toes fresh and completely odor-free!

The cozy socks feature a variety of stylish colors and fun plush patterns that would surely love to be worn even by your finicky kid. Each design can complement and match with any outfits that would make your little one’s more adorable and fashionable. Suitable for daily wear, naptime, photoshoots, family gatherings or when you're out on a mall, picnics, zoo and more possibilities. Made with premium coral-fleece fabric that ensures to envelop your youngster’s toes with warmth without irritations, itchiness and other discomfort.      

Save your mini adventurer’s toes from the cold using these cozy winter baby plush socks!  


  • Winter Baby Coral Socks
    These lovely long socks feature an upgraded, double-thickened fuzzy coral fleece with a cute plush in the toe area. All socks offer an unparalleled, welcoming warmth that gets traps completely close to the skin for better insulation. Making them an excellent footwear clothing that can surely keep your child’s feet toasty and comfortable even on the harsh, chilling wintry months. Preventing cold feet, poor blood circulation, discomfort, numbing or sore feet and more possibilities.

  • Highly Comfortable
    Each socks are perfectly light and soft-to-touch to ensure your child’s maximum comfort throughout the day or night. These long socks even supply high elasticity for a secured, figure-hugging fit to avoid blood flow restriction, band digging and marking. Moreover, they provide ample cushioning for better support and feet protection against the hard, icy tiled floors and other surfaces. Allowing all pairs to be worn confidently by your little explorer’s sensitive toes even without a shoe on. No worries as these adorable socks are also non-slip so you won’t have to constantly readjust it to your energetic child each time they move.

  • Multiple Fun Patterns
    The winter socks come in different stylish colors and eye-catching cartoon plush that every kid would fall in love with. Available in charming elephant design, strawberry, pineapple, puppy, brown bear, and a cute bunny. These baby socks can be matched with any outfits and make even the most plain ones look extra adorable. Make your bundle of joy especially fashionable and nicely warm while crawling and stepping anytime! Suitable for daily wear, naptime, photoshoots, family gatherings or when you're out on a mall, picnics, zoo and so on.   

  • 100% Safe and Skin-Friendly
    These cozy plush socks are fully breathable which allows them to still let air circulation flow while keeping your kid’s feet from feeling the chill. It helps to maintain your child’s tiny toes exceptionally fresh and free from any odor build ups. The winter long socks are ultra-soft and smooth and it does not have any harmful materials that might prick or hurt the feet. Each socks are also non-irritable to all skin-types to prevent any itchiness, redness, and other allergic reactions even after a prolonged wear.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-loving thickened coral fleece that wraps nicely to the legs and feet. All plush socks boast an impressive warmth and durability that can withstand years of wearing even to those bubbly kids that’s always on the move. The high socks can easily hand wash or machine wash anytime without fading and snagging.  
  • Material: Coral Fleece 
  • Length: 30 cm
  • 1 x Medium Tube Newborn Soft Coral Velvet Socks

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