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Lushair™ Anti Hair Loss Repairing Caviar Hair Mask

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Lushair™ Anti Hair Loss Repairing Caviar Hair Mask

Let’s See Our Satisfied Customers' Outstanding 360° Hair Transformation Only With Our  Intensive Hair Repair Caviar Mask!

Stacey Patterson, 27, Lancaster, Ohio

“After a long year of commuting everyday to go to work and continuous blow drying, my tresses had already taken their toll. It had become badly damaged and turned really dry and frizzy that no matter how I brush or style it I look haggard even before stepping outside. Not only that, but I also notice that my hair is now more prone to fallouts and split ends that my middle part now looks more apart. I decided to try this hair repair caviar mask after doing some research, in hopes of revitalizing my locks. I’m pleasantly surprised that in only 28 days my hair had already been improving and had regained its softness. After each use, my strands had looked more and more conditioned and I also noticed how it feels more strengthened. The dryness of my hair had also subsided and the multiple breakage had amazingly reversed like it hadn't even gone through severe damages. I’m about only in my 8th week and I haven’t even finished it all, yet my overall hair condition has already looked so good and perfectly covered. It's smooth and so much more manageable than ever. The frizziness had been tame as well and it looks so refined and healthy now that I often get praise on it. This caviar hair mask has also given my strands a deep moisturization and brings back its natural shine. I’ll continue on using this product, it literally saves my damaged hair! I totally love this caviar mask, kudos to everyone who makes it.”

Michelle Ross, 25, Washington D.C, USA

“I’ve always loved to dye my hair with different shades and had never gone outside without styling it, whether with flat irons, heat curlers or blowers and such. Because of it, my curly hair had suffered from extreme dryness and breakage. I hate how it looked so dull and dead so I've tried various salon treatments only for it to come back looking damaged again in only a day or 2 after the treatment. I took a leap of faith on trying this intensive repair caviar hair mask based on its positive reviews and it was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. In just 4 weeks or less, my hair had already felt so soft and my split ends had been repaired well. I don’t even need to use conditioner anymore as this product has even helped my locks in replenishing moisture and restoring healthy roots. My hair fall has decreased and I also notice how it does not get easily damaged anymore unlike before. Within 2 months my hair condition had totally changed and improved more than I expected. It does not look like a sad pile of damaged strands anymore, but instead, it looked so much more nourished, smoother and gorgeously curled. It even has a natural glow and bounciness to it! This product is worth every penny! It has given me more than what I hope for, you should test it out for yourself!

What Causes Hair Dryness and Breakage?

Dry hair is the condition of your locks when the scalp doesn’t make enough oil to moisturize it and maintain its normal sheen and texture. Allowing the strands to appear dull, brittle, frizzy and straw-like which is one of the main precursors to damage, split ends and breakage. The lack of ability of the scalp to produce sebum prevents it from traveling deep into the shaft, making the hair naturally prone to dryness. Thus, the results of cracks forming in the cuticle, the outer layer of the hair shaft, which cause it to weaken, lift and become frizzy. A dried tresses can even lead to further deterioration and worse hair fall due to constant breakage and hair snapping. There are different causes that contribute to dried, frizzy hair, including excessive hair washing, heat damages from constant styling, overprocessing like dyeing, environmental conditions, and more possibilities. 

Hair consists of 3 layers which are the medulla, cortex and the cuticle. Each strand has their own cuticle, a hard protective layer that shields the inner layer of the hair from heat and sun damage. In addition, cuticles also work in holding the moisture in and controlling the movement of moisture going out. Providing the locks a proper hydration balance and flexibility to maintain their smooth, soft and healthy appearance as well as fighting dryness. However, due to the exposure of various factors that damage the hair, as mentioned above, the cuticles become lifted and disrupt their balance. That is why we introduce our caviar hair mask! An effective multiple hair-repair treatment that will bring you gorgeous salon-quality locks in no time! 

Make Hair Stronger and Conditioned In Each Wash and Learn More About Hair Repair Caviar Mask!

A caviar-packed hair mask that effectively penetrates deep into the layers of hair and infuses it with vital nutrients and active anti-breakage ingredients. It fortifies each strand’s natural barrier while providing an additional protection to fight off against multiple forms of damage. In addition, this caviar mask also comes with powerful hair-rejuvenating and scalp-restoring qualities.

It can successfully repair dried, affected follicles and cuticles and quickly rebuilds damaged pieces to reinforce their structural integrity. Providing you with stronger, thicker and healthier locks that leads to less breakage and improved hair flexibility and length retention. It can reawaken follicles as well and stimulates a longer growth production.     

This hair mask also provides an exceptional moisturization that feeds thirsty hair from root to tip with a potent dose of hydration without weighing the mane down. It helps in normalizing the oil production in the scalp and maintains its balance to avoid hair oiliness. Moreover, it can even remain the scalp conditioned and keep the hair protected against any heat without it becoming greasy. It can patch up split ends, flattened frizz and thoroughly loosens tangledness. Ensuring you with a smoother, softer, healthier tresses with a stunning shine and bounciness. This caviar hair mask is formulated with a creamy, rich solution that works gently on all hair types whether it is natural, color-treated or bleached. What’s more? Unlike any other hair products, our caviar hair repair mask offers 5s wash so you won’t have to let it sit on your hair anymore for longer minutes! Apply it with regular use and achieve stronger, moisturized strands for only 8 weeks!  

Key Ingredients:

  • Caviar Essence - Enriched with omega 3 fatty acids and multiple essential vitamins like A, D, E, K and B12 which are all highly beneficial to the hair. It is loaded with antioxidants that help to protect the tresses against UV damage and environmental pollutants which are one of the main sources of dryness and breakage. Moreover, it effectively improves the strength of the hair shaft and scalp which also assist in keeping the cuticles perfectly intact. Caviar can even encourage a healthy hair follicle that could lead to a faster hair growth with thicker, stronger strands. It also works in repairing already damaged hair and mending up unwanted breakage and split ends. Lastly, caviar is a storehouse of healthy sebum which can aid hair fallouts and curb it from easily breaking off due to the heavy penalties of heat damage, styling and such. Allowing it to maintain the hair’s hydration as well as boosting shine and a bouncy, healthy looking appearance to combat dryness and frizz.
  • Snail Slime - Enriched with multiple active nutrients that is also jam-packed in moisturizing compounds. Making it a pro in strengthening, imparting shine and maintaining the tresses healthy. It is a natural lubricating substance that is secreted by a snail which supplies a powerful film-forming action that acts as an effective sealant on the hair. Fortifying each strand from deep within while simultaneously sealing the cuticle to avoid breakage and the appearance of frizz. Not only does it boost the overall condition and texture of the hair, but it also helps in locking moisture in place. It provides the locks ample hydration to keep them manageable, elastic, softer and sleek. This in turn, also helps in ironing out frizz and repairing split ends and other damages caused by extreme dryness. It even works to soothe and nourish the scalp which can encourage healthy, strengthened hair growth.     

    Check Out Amanda’s 8 Week Hair Revitalizing Journey With Intensive Hair Repair Caviar Mask:

    I have frizzy, damaged and easy-to-fall hair due to my constant exposure against the sun and overuse of chemical treatments. At first, I didn't worry about it too much and just tried to solve it by using more conditioner. But after a couple of more weeks without any visible improvements, I’ve tried other hair care products only for my locks to become much worse. It looks like each of my strands had grown in a different direction and are so dry that I have no choice anymore but to tie it up. My friend had told me about this popular hair repairing caviar mask and had given it a shot. In as fast as 8 weeks my hair had transformed beautifully and improved all damage, dullness and other hair issues that I don’t even know that I had! 

    Amanda Miller, 34, San Antonio, Texas

    Week 1:

    "The photo above is the condition of my hair that I took after 7 days of using this caviar hair mask. And it only took me 3 days of regular use for this product to have taken effect and had already improved and softened my tresses. It significantly hydrates my hair well to treat my dryness and it also clearly helps in taming out my frizz. I love how it is so easy to apply and I don’t even need to leave it out on my mane for a long minutes or so and it will already do all its magic. Btw, it even has a luxe creamy feel and a pleasant smell that stays on your hair even on the sweatiest days." 

    Week 4:

    "In just another week the damaged ends and extreme dryness of my locks had already been repaired. My hair and even my scalp feel so nourished and strengthened. I don’t encounter breakages and drastic fallouts anymore like I usually would. I also no longer worry that I can smoothly run my finger through my hair without any issues. So far, in my 30 days of use I haven’t experienced any types of irritations and itchiness with this product even for my sensitive scalp which is another great plus!"

    Week 8: 

    "For about 2 months the damages on my hair due to multiple reasons had been completely treated. It looks so healthy and I can feel how the texture of each of my strands is now reinforced and thicker. My hair had also turned so silky and smooth like I just ran out of a salon.  I’m not even kidding when I say almost all of my colleagues have already asked me how I take care of my hair and what my secret is. If I only knew it before then I could've said goodbye to my frizzy, dried and damaged hair sooner. If you have the same hair problems like mine then this product is your arsenal. I highly recommend it to everyone!”

    Highlighting Benefits:

    • Obviously conditions, repair and moisturizes hair in only 8 weeks
    • Improve hair quality of all hair types without further damage
    • Rebuilds each strands structural integrity
    • Restore dried, damaged follicles and cuticles due to various factors like heat damages, constant styling, overprocessing, environmental aggressors etc.
    • Provides a stronger, thicker and healthier locks
    • Effectively flattens frizz and mends split ends 
    • Maintains the scalp’s oil balance
    • Deeply hydrates the hair and aids tangledness and severe dryness
    • Loaded with omega fatty acids and multiple essential vitamins that are all beneficial for the hair and scalp


    • Key ingredients: Caviar essence, snail slime
    • Net content: 250g
    • Shelf year: 3yrs


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