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LED Glitter Pedestal Christmas Candles

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LED Glitter Pedestal Christmas Candles

Get into the holiday spirit and light up your home with this LED christmas glitter pedestal candle! 🎄

This christmas candle comes with a built-in LED that releases a whimsy and elegant color-changing glow in just a switch. It even offers a stunning glitter-effect that sparkles and swirls beautifully as the liquid inside rotates. Allowing you to instantly set a warm, festive mood that will surely level up your home decor and holiday spirit. Moreover, this illuminated candle is equipped with a striking pedestal which allows it to securely stand against any flat surface. Making it a great centerpiece that can light up your bedrooms, living rooms, bookshelves, dining room, tables and more possibilities.  

The glitter pedestal candle offers a realistic flame-like feature that flares and even flickers automatically like a real candle. Providing you a lovely flameless glow that won’t ever emit smoke or drip messy wax to damage your furniture. What’s more? You can even leave it alone in your house or accidentally knock it over without worrying about causing any fire hazards. No more wirings or complicated installation needed! Simply fill the body first with the water, switch it on to illuminate and swirl the glitters and liquid inside and done. It is completely rechargeable so you can power boost it anytime using the included cable when it gets low.

Create a relaxing, festive ambiance to add an instant appeal and life to your dull-looking room using this LED glitter pedestal Christmas candle!  🎄


  • Decorative Christmas Candle 🔮
    A realistic illuminated candle that is designed with a color-changing LED wax-like translucent body that provides a warmth, cozy glow. It features a glitter inside that majestically sparkles and creates a dance-like movement when the liquid rotates. Moreover, it already has its own sleek, sturdy pedestal support that would look stunning no matter where you lay it on. Making it a unique, illuminated candle to light up and welcome the cheeriness of the Christmas season. 

  • Multiple Lighting Modes 🔮
    The pedestal candle offers different lightning modes that swirl the water and smoothly change the built-in LED colors. Switching it gorgeously between green, yellow, red, pink, transparent, and blue. It perfectly illuminates a dramatic and elegant dynamic glow that can surely set the mood up and make everyone amazed. Ideal for the whimsy and festive atmosphere that will complete and amp up your holiday spirit.

  • Safe Flameless Glow 🔮
    This LED candle also comes with a faux flame that flares and flickers automatically to mimic the natural ambient of a real candle. Its rechargeable design allows it to last much longer than your regular wax candle that can run out in just an hour. Furthermore, this flameless candle does not melt so it won’t create a mess and drip hot wax on your furniture to ruin or dirty it. You can even conveniently leave it alone without worrying about any accidental fire hazards. A great smokeless and dripless candle that can light up your bedrooms, living rooms, bookshelves, dining room, tables or use it as a centerpiece.     

  • Quick and Easy Installation 🔮
    The christmas glitter pedestal candle can be easily set on without the complicated wirings or time-consuming assembling needed. Simply add the water first inside the body, switch it on for the water to swirl and to light up the LED and you're good to go. This pedestal candle supplies a built-in battery that can be juiced up anytime when needed using the included USB charging cable.
  • Premium Quality 🔮
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic thickened plastic material with excellent durability and longevity. It does not emit any foul, harmful odors or smoke and it does not heat up unlike other LEDs ensuring the user’s safety and health. Additionally, its elegant pedestal can stand on any smooth surface without sliding, tilting or falling off. Available in 4 trendy colors, including gold, silver, red, and blue which can complement any home decor and style. 
  • Material: Plastic, mixed material
  • Voltage: 4.5 V
  • Size: 26x 8 cm
  • 1 x LED Glitter Pedestal Christmas Candle

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