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Korean Anti-Aging Eye Serum

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Korean Anti-Aging Eye Serum

Let’s take a look at our customers’ replenishing and ageless experience!



“The skincare is not greasy or oily, and it dries quickly and is very comfortable on my skin. I noticed a very pleasing scent, which is mild and not offensive as soon as I open it. I was actually amazed by the feeling of it on my skin throughout the day and I can feel the tightening but gentle pores cleansing as well!”


“I have been using this product in the morning and night for over two weeks now, and I really like the results. I am glad to have found a good for both my eyes and face. The dark circles under my eyes are lessening, and my face feels firm and moisturized.”


“I have aging eyes, very sensitive skin and puffy under eyes in the past as you can see. I was looking for something to use around my eyes/eyelids that would help tighten them without them looking dry and crinkly when I smiled or squinted. I am so glad I found this, thank you so much, will continue to use this and give recommendations to others!”

 What makes Korean Anti-Aging Eye Serum special?
• Safety tested by third-party, independent, certified testing laboratories to prove anti-aging results
• Gives a 67% wrinkle solution results in 3 weeks!
• Safely reduces the appearance of dark spots on the skin
• Boosts anti-aging molecules and stimulates collagen production

How does Korean Anti-Aging Eye Serum work?
The skin around our eyes is the most sensitive area on our faces, and it also tends to be one of the first places where signs of premature aging show up first. 
As much of a treat to look at as it is to use, shoppers have been particularly impressed by this eye mask’s ability to relieve puffy eyes, as well as brighten and smooth fine lines. Nourishing yet hard-working, it contains vitamins E and C as well as the nourishing avocado oil and extracts it’s named for.  The reason why Korean eye creams are so popular right now is mainly due to their innovative formulas. Manufacturers of Korean eye creams and serums only allow their products to be shelved for a maximum of 6 months. And because they only use the finest quality ingredients in their formulations, consumers tend to trust that Korean eye creams are ​effective and efficient for their skin.

​Korean eye creams are manufactured according to a broad spectrum of skin types –types that have been analyzed and that need special ingredients to help eliminate or prevent certain skin problems from happening in the first place.


“I have terrible bulging bags under my eyes every morning. Nothing has ever worked to reduce them. This is quite simply the best product for puffiness on the market. My eyes totally open up; upper lids as well. I started using it on my jawline, and an unattractive rather flabby jowl has actually improved. “ – Pat R.

“I'm very particular about the type of serum or cream I use on my face. I typically prefer moisturizers or serums that are not greasy as I do not like the oily residue on my face. Hence, I typically use a morning cream I strongly recommend this to those looking for an anti-aging skin care with natural and effective treatment!” – Sabrina Y.

“After application, there is no irritation at all after several days of usage I've noted that my skin shows a light glow very compatible with my dry skin so I was very satisfied! ” – Kira W.

“You get a full ounce for a decent price, and it delivers on its promises. Very easy to apply with no tugging of the delicate eye area involved.  I have moderately sensitive eyes, and have had no problems at all with irritation.” – Aviuanna E.

“My eyes get wrinkles now because of too much stress So far it seems to tighten and rejuvenate the skin after a week of usage! The bottle looks very nice on the outside so I can bring it on my travels.” – Aylin U.

• Advanced Anti-Aging Cream
Improves texture and revitalizes facial skin by improving elasticity, and diminishes the appearance of fine lines.
• Improves Skin Pores & Firmness
Moisturizes skin to give the perfect care that protects and energizes pores from bacteria.
• Manages Skin Repairment
Protects and enhances the skin’s innate water management system and revitalizes facial skin to improve elasticity.
• Compatibility: All skin types
Content: 20 g

• 1 PC/ 2 PCS/ 3 PCS x Korean Anti-Aging Eye Serum

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