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Cithway™ Hair Fading Barber Curve Comb

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Cithway™ Hair Fading Barber Curve Comb

Take your hair cutting game to the next salon-quality level using this professional barber styling fade comb!

A barber’s must-have comb featuring a widened-teeth that allows to effortlessly create the perfect, precise fade cut in a breeze. It adopts a uniquely curved design which boasts easier functionality for comb over fade style and avoids obstruction as you cut or shave. What’s more? This fade comb’s distinctive wide teeth facilitate maximum performance for those with thin or thickest and coarsest hair. Allowing you to achieve that barbershop-quality results for different hair cut styles, including burst-fade, high-fade, mid-fade, low-fade, and more! Ideal for salons, barbers, professional hair stylists, barbershop, at-home hairstyling, beginners, and such. 

This ultimate fade comb offers rounded tip teeth to deliver a gentle, damage-free combing to prevent scalp scratching and strand breakage. Furthermore, it has a superior anti-static technology to keep frizzing as you comb for that ultra-smooth, healthy-looking hair finish. The professional fade comb is light and it supports a non-slip ergonomic handle for a secured gripping and a better, comfortable control. It even supplies an impressive heat-resistance that does not bend or deform even on the highest hair dryer heat. Made with premium, hair-friendly material which promises to withstand long-lasting years of daily usage without rusting and damaging. 

Make the hottest hairstyles for men easily in no time with the help of this professional barber styling fade comb! 


  • Hair Cutting Fade Comb
    A unique, wide-toothed curved gradient comb that is specially constructed to let barbers or hair stylists effortlessly create the perfect, precise fade cut in no time. Its teeth can gently penetrate through and handle even the thickest and coarsest of hair types. What’s more? This fade comb has a cleverly designed curve to prevent any sort of obstruction or issues which allows easier cutting and shaving efficiency to blend and fade haircuts. It even adopts an excellent anti-static technology to stop hair from recharging statically and creating frizz during use. Providing you with a smoother hair and much professional, clean and sharp hair cut look.

  • Ergonomic Design
    This professional fade comb is super light in the hands and it provides the best, non-slip ergonomic handle. Delivering you with a high-comfort, optimal maneuverability and secured gripping experience even if you have the sweatiest of palms. Furthermore, it can be used for a prolonged period without causing hand strain, fatigue, muscle stiffness, or any discomfort. The comb does not also scratch through the scalp and it can smoothly brush through the strands without snagging, pulling, frizzing, and other unwanted breakage.

  • High Temperature Resistance
    The barber cutting hair comb boasts an impressive toughness that can hold out against multiple drops and extreme heat. It can be directly in touch with any electric shaving tools or hot blowers without melting, deforming, and damaging. This pro fade comb does not also transfer heat so you can safely hold it while blowing or shaving with not a single harm or burn to your hand. Making it a great helper for salons, barbers, professional hair stylists, barbershop, hairstyling/hairdressing at-home, beginners, and such.   

  • Wide Application
    This high-performance fade comb strikes a convenient versatile usage with salon-quality results for different hair cut styles. You can use it for flattops, scissor combs, and mixing during haircuts for creating a variety of styles like burst-fade, high-fade, mid-fade, low-fade, and so on. The hair-cutting comb can be used on all hair types, including for fine straight hair or even to those with curly ones, and coiled. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, hair-friendly ABS plastic material that prompts superior durability and high temperature resistance. It can handle multiple years of everyday usage for different hair types and cuts without deforming, rusting, and damaging. This professional hair-cutting fade comb can be rinsed in the water and remove dirt, strand, and odors to keep it safely hygienic for everyone.  
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 

  • 1 x Cithway™ Hair Fading Barber Curve Comb

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