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Deep Cleansing Green tea Mask Stick

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Deep Cleansing Green tea Mask Stick

Let’s See Our Satisfied Customers’ Comments With Their Now Poreless Skin Using This Deep Cleansing Green Tea Mask Stick!

Laura Jensen, 35, Denmark, Europe

“I’ve always had enlarged pores and often experience severe breakouts that always leave marks, and sometimes don't go away at all on my face. I tried different creams, serums and even strong medications to treat my acne-prone skin as I can’t even cover it up with light makeup anymore. But to my dismay, nothing worked for me until I tried this mask stick. In just days of using it I’ve already seen the redness on my pimples are fading and is more calmer than before. Now, in my 3 weeks of regular use, my pores are minimized and my acne, as well as the old pimple marks are now completely gone. I also like that this product not only makes my face extremely smooth, but it also makes it fresher and brighter. This deep cleansing mask is really a life-saver! I can now go outside looking flawless without the need to put cake-on makeup at all times to fake it.”


Amelia Brown, 28, Edmonton, Canada

“This green tea stick is a gentle product that delivers superb consistent performance! Just after rinsing my face on the first day of using it, I already feel that my skin is hydrated, but of course the acnes are still there, but are not more inflamed like they're going to pop up any second. In 14 days of using it, the blackheads on my nose have dramatically cleared and my severe blemishes have now shrunk and faded into nothing. This product also reduces the appearance of large pores and oiliness of my face especially on the T-zone, and makes it more radiantly glowing. Not gonna lie, but I can even say that my skin is on par with a K-pop star now with its poreless, glass look. You should not miss it! This is my best purchase and will still continue to use it in the future so no more blemish will appear on my skin. And if you're still having doubts about this product, I tell you now, I’ve never had a single irritation or burning feelings when I use it that other cleansers often had.”

Did You Know That Enlarged Pores Can Cause More Acne Appearance? 

Acne is associated with an enlarged pores - Pores are an important tiny openings on the skin, around hair follicles and sebaceous glands that help gasses and liquids move through the surface of the skin. They release the body’s natural oil, the sebum, and moisturizes the skin to keep it supple and healthy.

However, pores often appear larger with age and are sometimes an indication of increased size of oil glands which in turn, will accumulate under the surface and lead to oily skin. When the buildup of oil in the pore combines with dirt, bacteria, makeup and such, the pores will get blocked and will then stretch the pore more, making it bigger. If the pores remain clogged and left unaddressed, it develops pimples, blackheads, acne and other concerns. An enlarged pores may also be the cause of the hair follicle becoming clogged. 

An excellent way to prevent acne is by maintaining the pores clear and clean. This will also help the skin be more youthful, firm, and healthy looking. 

How Does Deep Cleansing Green Tea Mask Stick Helps With Acnes?

The Deep Cleansing Green Tea Mask Stick contains an all-natural, active ingredient that purifies and penetrates deeply into pores to remove increased sebum and normalize the oil production. Which in return will successfully decrease the appearance of pimples, blemishes and other skin acne problems. In addition, it entirely removes all the gunks from the face, including dirts, blackheads, whiteheads and such while effectively minimizing and refining the pores. 

This green tea mask also offers a long-lasting moisturization that helps the skin for a balanced hydration. It provides protection for the face skin's barrier from any irritation and reduces it from producing an excessive amount of oil. Revealing only a flawless, healthy-looking radiant skin that everyone would envy in just a few weeks of use. Moreover, this product is compatible for all skin-types which prevents it from causing discomforts, redness, itchiness or worse more breakouts.   

Let’s Take A Look On How Dianna Bid Goodbye To Her Stubborn Acnes In Just 4 Weeks!

Dianna has been struggling with acne problems in ages. She tried some surgical procedures which only worsened her breakouts and made the pores on her face appear more open and unattractively massive. She then ends up searching online for other treatments which lead her to using our Deep Cleansing Green tea Mask Stick and is happy to share her clear skin journey! 

Week 1:

'I know most of us have been dealing with an onslaught of acne breakouts and have tried various facial products and even surgical treatments, like myself, which doesn't go well for me obviously, that's why I’m here. I’ve seen this well-reviewed this mask stick online and used it regularly for 7 days now. To my pleasant surprise, my pores started to drastically shrink. My face also reduces its redness caused by my aggravated pimples and even the oiliness from my skin which is a huge plus!"

Week 2-3:

"Another week and so and the pimples are more of a mark now and the redness from my complexion are also completely gone. The enlarged pores can't be visibly seen anymore and are still continuously minimizing. I am so thrilled and looking forward to more!"

Week 4:

"I’m not gonna lie, I really had lost all hope before until I used this product. Now, I can go around more and walk without my head down be it with makeup or none. All of my facial problems, from my enlarged pores, to acnes and even minor blackheads are now all clear. I’m not actually expecting it to be this good, but here I am with a smoother, brighter, flawless skin thanks to this product! Would recommend it to everyone, it will not disappoint!"

Dianna Costa, 46, Venice, Italy

PRODUCT SIZE (L X W X H): 10 × 5 × 5cm / 3.9 × 2 × 2inches
PACKAGE CONTENTS: Poreless Deep Cleanse Mask Stick × 1
SKIN TYPE: General

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