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Invisible Water Eyelid Tape [240 PCS]

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Invisible Water Eyelid Tape [240 PCS]

Make your eyes wider and popping in no time using these invisible double-eyelid glue-free stickers!

Revolusionary ‘water activated eyelid tape made out of fiber lace material. Absolutely invisible, melt into the skin.  It helps to lift up drooping lids and also give depth on folds for a more accentuated and youthful-like wide eye appearance. Saving you from the pricey, surgical treatment to correct monolids, droopy eyes, or balance out uneven lids. These lid stickers are made with mesh designed, refined fiber that blends seamlessly to any skin tone. Making your double eyelids appear more flattering and natural as the stickers stay invisible to the eyes. Moreover, they can be applied under or over with makeup without creasing, building up, or caking.

The double-lid tapes feature a water-activated, ultra-strong adhesion that lasts for an amazing 24 hours or longer. They can even withstand exposure to water, rain, sweat and other liquids without repositioning or causing even a single slip. What’s more? All eyelid stickers are breathable and light to ensure that they can stay secured for a prolonged period without irritation or discomfort. Simply peel-off the sticker from the film, spray with water to activate adhesion, apply it on top of the lids to create a stunning double-lid fold, and done. Perfect for those with monolids eye, hooded, saggy lids, uneven eyelids, inner double eyelids, and thin double eyelids.

Transform your single lids into your dream double-eyelids look only with these invisible glue-free eyelid stickers!


  • Instant Eye Lifting Double Lids
    A pack of fine eyelid tapes designed in a slim, mesh-like sticker that instantly transforms your monolids into a perfect double lids. It naturally lifts saggy crease and creates a stunning fold to your lids for a more emphasized depth. Allowing your eyes to appear more appealingly larger and youthful looking that would surely bound to attract everyone. Making it a great non-surgical and immediate solution to correct monolids, droopy eyes, or balance out uneven lids. 

  • Naturally Invisible
    These double-eyelid stickers are specially made with refined lace fiber that blends seamlessly to any skin tone. Creating an impressive low-key appearance that would look and stay invisible to the naked eye even when stared at. These eyelid stickers are also conveniently makeup friendly and can be concealed by different products like eyeshadows, foundation, concealer, primer, glitters, and so on. They can be applied under or over the cosmetics without creasing, building up, or caking.   

  • Long-Lasting Adhesion
    The invisible eye stickers adopt a powerful, self-adhesion quality that automatically activates once they get damp with water. They supply an excellent waterproof performance which can withstand water, rain, sweat, and other liquids. Moreover, each sticker can stay flawless in its place all throughout the day and night. Preventing you from experiencing awkward slipping, repositioning, or loosening stickiness.   

  • Comfortable to Wear 
    These glue-free eyelid tape are constructed with premium PP materials and medical grade, skin-friendly fibers. The stickers are ultra-thin and are so light that you won’t even remember putting them on your lids. What’s more? These double-eyelid stickers are completely breathable and can be worn on a prolonged period without irritation, itchiness, and other discomfort. No worries as you can remove them with great ease and speed with not a single mark or sticky residues left behind. 
  • Quick and Easy Application
    The double-lid stickers can instantly create a flawless lifting and fold look in just a few easy steps. Simply peel-off the sticker, spray it with water to activate its adhesion, then gently adhere it on top of your lid. After that, repeat it with your other eye lid and you're good to go. Suitable for those with monolids eye, hooded, saggy lids, uneven eyelids, inner double eyelids, thin double eyelids, and more possibilities.


  • Material: PP


  • 1 Pack of Invisible Double-Eyelid Glue-Free Stickers (240pcs per pack)

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