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Glass Skin Makeup Mixing Spatula Set

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Glass Skin Makeup Mixing Spatula Set

Paint and blend like a true beauty artist easily using these pro-beauty makeup spatula set!

A must-have beauty arsenal set that comes with stainless steel makeup palette, dual-headed spatula, and leather spatula holder. Providing you a quick and effortless pro-like cosmetic mixing for customizing personalized shade, color creation blending, and such. Our stainless steel spatula allows you to thinly apply foundation without worrying about the excess being absorbed by a sponge or makeup brush. Achieving incredibly ultra-light, sheer, and second-skin-like foundation effect. No more cakey base makeup!

These products also help for easy product transferring and supplying a safe working surface for a more hygienic and mess-free blending. Suitable for liquid foundations, eyeshadows, lipsticks, cosmetic pigments, creams, powders, and even for nail polishes, nail art paints, and so much more. No worries as both the mixing palette and spatula are non-stick and can be washed after each use with great ease.  

This cosmetic mixing palette and spatula delivers the best secured gripping and maximum control. Moreover, the makeup palette adopts a mirror-like metallic finish which lets you clearly see the correct color you are blending with. Both mixing tools are super lightweight and portable in size that you can stash them to any bags or makeup kits without taking up space. Making them an ideal tool to use at home or during travels, vacation, work, party, hotels, photoshoot, concerts, and so on. All included products are made with premium materials that boasts to hold out against years of usage without damaging or rusting. 

Skip the messy and back-handed makeup blending and try these pro-beauty cosmetic mixing palette and spatula!  


  • K-beauty Glassy Foundation Effect
    A professional-grade cosmetic set that comes with a stainless steel makeup palette, double-headed spatula, and leather spatula holder. The stainless steel spatula with flat edge allows you to thinly apply & evenly distribute foundation, achieving  "no makeup" makeup finish.

  • Seamless Makeup Mixing 
    Provides you a place where you can safely transfer your favorite makeup products and effortlessly mix and match like a pro. Allowing you customize your own personalized blended shade complexion, color creations, and other cosmetic mingling of your desire. Additionally, these products give you a mess-free and more hygienic makeup application to avoid any sort of cross contamination.
  • Ergonomic Design
    Constructed with a non-slip, easy-to-grip structure for maximum control and comfort. The palette is equipped with a handy hole just near the edge where you can settle your forefinger for a more stable hold. On the other hand, the cosmetic spatula adopts a flat head for easily mixing or blending your colors and a pointy head for swiftly decanting a proper amount of products. No worries as the mixing palette has a mirror-like metallic finish that reflects light so you can perfectly see and blend the hues you are working with.
  • Widely-Used Tool
    Specially designed to safely and effectively work on a plethora of makeup products and brands. Suitable for liquid foundations, eyeshadows, lipsticks, cosmetic pigments, creams, powders, and even for nail polishes, nail art paints, and more possibilities. Making them an ideal helper whether for personal home or professional beauty salon use. Both the makeup palette and spatula are conveniently smooth and non-stick which allows them to be cleaned in no time with great ease. 
  • Highly Portable
    Conveniently lightweight and compact in size. They can be carried easily and be stashed inside your bags, totes, makeup kits, and such without taking up much space for your other products. The included leather spatula holder can also serve to protect your mixing tool from getting dirt, dust, and other air particles. Perfect when you go out for travel, vacation, work, party, hotels, photoshoot, concerts, and so on.
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic stainless steel material and leather with excellent durability and toughness. All included products can withstand years of daily usage and washes without staining, rusting, and other damages. This mixing palette and spatula are completely smooth so they can be held confidently without scratching or harming. They also do not create any harmful leaching to eliminate the risk of skin irritations or breakouts. Great for all makeup artists or enthusiasts of all skin levels. 


  • Material: Stainless steel, PU leather
  • Size(Package set): 12x17.8cm


  • 1 x Stainless steel makeup palette
  • 1 x Double-headed spatula
  • 1 x PU Leather spatula holder

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