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AEXZR™ Full Coverage Matte Liquid Foundation

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AEXZR™ Full Coverage Matte Liquid Foundation

Blur away imperfection in a breeze using this full coverage liquid matte foundation!

The ultimate liquid-based foundation with an excellent full-coverage effect which guarantees to mask unsightly imperfections with few amounts. Suitable for hiding acne marks, dark spots, wrinkles, skin discoloration, redness, eyebags, rosea, and so on. Providing you a flawlessly clear, filter-finish like skin base with a natural glowy matte effect that every makeup artist would approve of. It comes in an easy pump-bottle with 9 extensive shade selections that can flatter and melt into different skin types and complexions so seamlessly. Perfect for light skin tone, medium skin tone, olive skin tone, deep/dark skin tone, and even those with yellowish undertones. 

This liquid matte foundation offers a weightless and incredibly buildable consistency that can go on full-coverage with natural skin-like results. Preventing it from looking cakey, creating creases, and feeling heavy on the skin for that maximum high-comfort wearing experience. Furthermore, this beauty concealer adopts a long-lasting staying power that will last from day to night without smudging, transferring or fading. It can also withstand sweat, tears, water, and sebum, while remaining flat and unbothered on the skin. Allowing you to achieve that excellent coverage and perfect makeup look with little to no retouching needed anymore! 

Rock on to that blemish-free, full-on glam that lasts all throughout with this full coverage liquid matte foundation!


  • Filter Finish Coverage Effect
    A fine, liquid-based beauty foundation that is specially formulated with an advanced full coverage technology that kisses the skin lovingly. Allowing it to successfully mask all unsightly imperfections, including acne, dark spots, wrinkles, skin discoloration, redness, eyebags, and so much more. This makeup foundation also helps in creating a flawless, matte base that is still smooth to touch and looking all-natural. Providing you a gorgeous, filter-finish solid coverage and air-brush like finish that every makeup artist would approve of! No worries as it only needs a few pumps to get that amazing concealing effect so you don’t have to apply multiple layers anymore.    
  • 9 Stunning Shades
    This perfect go-to makeup arsenal comes in an easy pump-bottle with 9 different beauty shade selections that blend seamlessly and flatter all skin complexions. Suitable for every lady and even men with light skin tone, medium skin tone, olive skin tone, deep/dark skin tone, and those with yellow undertones! You can now freely choose the right shade to instantly erase blemishes while giving your skin a beautifully natural looking finished result. No need to struggle with the wrong shade anymore or to end up with that awkward two different tones between your face and the neck down.  
  • Lightweight Comfortable Feel
    The full coverage liquid foundation adopts a thin, buildable fluid consistency that melts on any skin-types seamlessly like a dream. It can be confidently applied to your desired amount or layers without looking and feeling cakey on the skin. What’s more? This beauty concealer is also super weightless to give you that barely-there feel while still leaving your skin noticeably clear and even. It does not give off any stickiness as well and can stay nicely with a high-comfort wearing experience all day long unlike with other cosmetics. 
  • Long-Lasting Makeup
    This magic concealing cosmetic boasts a long-wear staying ability and transfer resistance that can last day and night with no issues. It enables you to confidently rock that full-on glam with that naturally spotless, even skin without worrying about smudging, creasing, fading, transferring, and such. The liquid matte foundation can even withstand water, tears, sweat, and oils while still remaining flawless and sitting flat on the skin. Making it the best foundation for everyday wear or special occasions even on the hottest of days, humid season, and rainy days. 
  • All-Natural Formulation
    Formulated with makeup-expert approved, skin-friendly ingredients that blend lovingly on any skin-types with that natural-matte, solid concealing effect. It is odorless and is completely hypoallergenic to fully avoid the risk of any skin irritations, itchiness, rashes, breakouts, and more. This magic liquid matte concealer can also be quickly swept off the skin with any makeup remover or oil. Saving you from painful back and forth wiping only for the concealer to spread messily.   
  • Net Weight: 30ml
  • Skin Type: Neutral, oily, dry, mixed
  • Ingredient: Water, isododecane, propylene glycol, ethylhexyl palmitate, cyclopentasiloxane, butylene glycol, dimethicone, silica, sorbitan sesquioleate
  • 1 x AEXZR™ Full Coverage Matte Liquid Foundation

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