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Dumpling Easy Wrapper Maker

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Dumpling Easy Wrapper Maker
🥟Create your favorite dumpling snacks at home without the hassle of hand-making using this 2-in-1 easy-press dumpling maker!

A handy cordless kitchen device that brings the best perfectly shaped and restaurant-quality homemade dumplings with just a simple press. Featuring a 2-in-1 design including a presser for forming neatly flat dough and a compress mold that tightly seals filling with precise fluted edges. It enables you to consistently create uniform sizes and ensures that not a single dumpling stuffing would leak even as you steam or fry. What’s more? This dumpling presser also works on different delicacies like empanadas, ravioli, burritos, piroshki, turnover, samosas, pasties, potstickers, and more possibilities. 

The easy-press dumpling maker provides a non-slip, ergonomic handle for secured gripping and a much easier and comfortable maneuverability. It can also stand stably firmed on any flat surface so you can confidently press and make dumplings in a breeze without toppling or slipping. No worries as this 2-in-1 dumpling presser is ideally light and mini in size which makes it easy to carry around and be stored space-savingly. A great helper for home kitchens, dumpling shops/stalls, restaurants, canteens, dormitories or during festivities, holidays, and so on. Made with premium, food-grade materials that boasts to withstand everyday usage and deep washes without damaging, rusting, and harmful leaching.   

Satisfy your cravings and make mouth-watering dumpling treats effortlessly anytime with this 2-in-1 easy-press dumpling maker! 🥟


  • Dumpling Dough Press Maker🥟
    An innovative kitchen helper that works amazingly to create the best homemade dumpling effortlessly in no time. It features 2 pressers in 1 which are designed for making a perfectly flat dough and for sealing in the savory dumpling stuffings with that decorative, precise fluted edges. Saving you from the troubles and time-consuming manual dumpling making or the need to constantly run through the dumpling shop each time you crave. No worries as it can successfully flat-out dough balls evenly to create same-sized dumpling treats at all times. The sealing press also ensures a tightened sealed finish so no fillings would leak out even as you steam or fried unlike with other pressers. 

  • Easy to Use🥟
    This handy dumpling presser can efficiently make an authentic-like asian dumpling without the complicated steps needed anymore. Simply prepare and knead the dough, place the dough ball on to the presser forming, then press down to flatten. After that, place the flat dough into the pattern mold, add your desired fillings, press to seal, and you can now steam or fry! The 2-in-1 dumpling maker is perfect for mothers, students, DIYers, beginners, hobbyists, professional chefs, dumpling enthusiasts, and more possibilities. 

  • Ergonomic Design🥟
    The easy-press dumpling tool is conveniently lightweight so it can be lifted or carried around where you need in a breeze unlike with the bulky machine pressers. It also comes with a non-slip handle for secured gripping and optimal pressing control. What’s more? This dumpling maker can stay nicely flat on any smooth surface so you can comfortably press and create deliciously looking dumplings without toppling or slipping. It is also wide enough to guarantee that you can flatten and seal stuffings while still providing more room to prevent messy spillings. This dumpling maker is small and compact and size so it can be stored on countertops or kitchen cabinets and drawers without taking up space. 

  • Wide Application🥟
    This 2-in-1 dumpling maker is expertly designed to flatten and securely seal different doughs and wrappers. This presser is not only limited to creating different uniform homemade press dumplings, but it can also work for other delicacies. Suitable for empanadas, ravioli, burritos, piroshki, turnover, samosas, pasties, potstickers, and such. A great helper for your home kitchen, dumpling shop/stalls, restaurants, canteens, festivities, holidays, and so on.  
  • Premium Quality🥟
    Made of high-quality, food-grade PP plastic materials with an exceptional durability and rust-resistance. It promises a long-lasting everyday usage without damaging, losing functionality, and discoloration. This 2-in-1 easy-press dumpling maker can be easily hand washed and is also dishwasher safe to make clean-up a breeze. It does not contain any toxic chemicals or odors and can be directly come into contact with any food products without harmful leaching. 

  • Material: Food-grade PP
  • Size:

  • 1 x Dumpling Easy Wrapper Maker

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