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Dothework™ Gynecomastia Chest Compression Tank Top

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Dothework™ Gynecomastia Chest Compression Tank Top

Check Out Our Happy Customers’ Successful Body Shaping and Male Breast Reduction Only With Gynecomastia Compression Tank Top!

Julian Vasquez, 55, Phoenix, Arizona

“I’ve been feeling some minor pain and tenderness around my chest area and noticed how it looks more enlarged and saggy than before. Which is why I decided to go for a check up not long after and discovered my gynecomastia. It was quite embarrassing that I can’t even wear my tight fitted shirts or go on topless during summer anymore. I’ve been looking online for products and medicines that can help me treat my condition without the need for surgeries. And I end up with this chest compression top because of its well reviews and promising results. The tank top provides a gentle warming sensation on my skin and not even a week yet, I can already see improvements in my gynecomastia. For each day that passes I can feel my body getting tighter and firmed. The excess fats on my chests are decreasing impressively and the soreness that I felt before is also gone. In just my 2 months of using this gynecomastia compression top and the swellness of my pecs are now completely treated and looks more toned and masculine now. I was finally able to go in the pool without my shirt on in front of my friends. It is such a blessing to me, thank you for this top notch product!” 

Damian Morris, 48, San Diego California

“I’ve been struggling with gynecomastia for a long time now and have been trying everything from heavy exercise from food diets to at least slim it down, but nothing has worked for me. My wife had told me to try this top and since I’m desperate enough to finally treat my condition, I gave it a go. For about 5 to 7 days, I’ve already noticed a difference in the look and feel of my gynecomastia. The puffiness of my pecs had subsided naturally and it does not look so protruded anymore even on my fitted shirts. This product has also helped me burn more weight easily unlike before which is a great boost. It's been only 7 weeks and the size of my chest has already reduced and looks more of a toned pecs now instead of an awkward loosen fat. I feel so much more confident and great in my own body now and even my wife is so proud and happy for me. I highly recommend this compression tank top for everyone that’s been experiencing the same problems with me. It’s definitely worth the purchase.”

Gynecomastia - "Abnormal Man Boobs"

Gynecomastia, which is also commonly referred to as “man boobs”, is a condition where men develop excess fat or glandular tissue in the chest. Allowing it to appear larger and swollen than normal which makes it more similar to a woman’s than a typical flat male chest. Gynecomastia can affect men of different ages around the world, but is most prevalent in teenage boys and older men aged 50-70. Obesity is one of the leading causes of gynecomastia as being overweight can change the balance in the ratio between the sex hormones’, testosterone and estrogen. Leading the body to produce an increased level of estrogen, a sex hormone responsible for the development of female secondary sex characteristics, on the male’s chest. Thus, driving the growth of an excess breast tissue.  

The enlargement of a man’s chest can be also caused by other range of factors, including genetics, puberty, aging, medications, health conditions and more possibilities. This condition can develop on one or both male’s breasts and often comes with tenderness or painful sensation. Though gynecomastia does not pose any extreme or long-term health complications, it is often seen as an embarrassment for men. This is why we introduce this Dothework™ Gynecomastia Chest Compression Tank Top. A highly-effective, non-surgical treatment for eliminating puffy, enlarged male breasts and building a perfect, manly figure in only 8 weeks!

The ONLY Fast Way To Regain Your Manly Confidence!

This gynecomastia tank top offers an impressive compression and support that can instantly shrivel and conceal unwanted “man-boobs” just by wearing it. In addition, it consists of heat trapping materials and promotes the advanced method of FIR treatment. It effectively produces a painless warming that penetrates gently through the deep levels of the skin to help in the immediate slimming of the chest and permanently treat gynecomastia. Eliminating the excess  fatty tissue in the man’s breast using its passive heat that leads to the reduction of swelling and transforms it into a more toned, masculine chest. Gynecomastia chest compression tank top also works to help you easily burn more calories at a fast rate to encourage an immediate weight loss. Thus, allowing you to reduce chest fat while simultaneously keeping you in good, healthy form that every guy would envy. Moreover, this compression top can even assist you in maintaining a balanced hormone function to prevent overproduction of cells and tissues from building up the chest area.     

The chest compression top’s FIR treatment also encourages safe and natural remedy for pain and inflammations on different body parts. It can successfully improve the overall body functions and circulation as well as hastening its repairing process for an optimal health. This gynecomastia compression tank top is constructed with premium polymer fabric that can cling snuggly on the skin with not a single irritation or discomfort. It supplies an anti-slipping waistband that enables you to perform different tasks and excessive movements without it constantly moving up. Furthermore, this tank top does not create any restriction and it has a seamless design that allows it to be worn under any tops while staying perfectly invisible to others. Eliminate the embarrassing excess chest fats and achieve your dream body shape in no time by wearing this gynecomastia compression tank top!    

Far infrared therapy is an advanced light-based method that produces heat to treat chronic pains, inflammations and various health issues. It involves the use of far infrared rays (FIR), an invisible wave of energy that is part of a region in the infrared spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. FIR gently penetrates through the deep layers of the skin and muscle tissues from up to 1.5 to 2.8 inches where it produces a painless warming sensation to elevate the body’s temperature. Improving the body’s overall circulation on a molecular level, including the blood flow, and removing stagnant blocks to promote a steady and speedy cell recovery and regeneration. As a result, it successfully soothes soreness, increases muscle strength and metabolism as well as encouraging rapid reduction of swelling or inflammation on different body parts. FIR therapy also promotes weight loss as its passive heat effectively assists in burning calories at a quick rate even at rest, and helps the body to perform vigorous sweating, losing water weight. Moreover, maintaining a healthy weight is key to balancing levels of several hormones. Allowing them to coordinate and carry powerful messages throughout the body and thus, preventing fluctuation and future imbalances. 

Let’s See Carson’s 8 Weeks Natural Gynecomastia Chest Firming Journey:

"I have been having problems with my enlarged chest, which I had found out was gynecomastia, back when I was still in college. Since then I’ve always had to conceal it by wearing baggy shirts or hoodies and I always add a plus size for my uniform. I also come to hate summer and any activities that require me to get drenched in water in fear of my top clinging onto me and showing the swellness of my chest. I was very skeptical about getting a surgery to get it removed so I opted for another treatment which had got me to test this gynecomastia chest compression top. I was so thrilled that in only a couple of weeks the enlargement of my chest had already gone down just by wearing it regularly!"  

Week 1

"My first week of using this compression tank top there’s already obvious physical changes in my gynecomastia. It is much more reduced and the puffiness of it has also gradually slimming and firming up. I like the fact that I only have to wear this product for it to work and how it provides pleasant support and compression so it does not feel uncomfortable to use even after many hours. The fabric of this tank top is also gentle on my skin so I didn't experience any irritations or allergic reactions at all."

Week 4

"For my 4th week, as you can see on the photo that I provided, my chest is a lot smaller in size now. The extra fat had been perfectly toned, though there was still a little bit more tenderness to it, it is almost unnoticeable now. I am also thrilled that the bounciness is also gone since it's much firmer and lifted now. I also like to add that I noticed how it also assists me in losing pounds more." 

Week 8

"Within 2 months of using this product and up until now, I still can’t believe how it helped me tremendously in treating my gynecomastia. My pecs are now fully toned, and there’s not a single trace of sagginess and excess fat can be seen anymore. I can finally size down with shirts now and even go on topless without getting embarrassed or being mocked by everyone. I felt comfortable and confident in my own body and will never have to hide it again anymore! This product is truly a life-saver." 

~Carson Lewis, 33, Missouri, USA


  • Visibly treats gynecomastia in only 8 weeks
  • Eliminates excess or overproduction of breast tissues and fats
  • Successfully improves men’s chest masculinity by slimming and firming the chest area
  • Promotes rapid weight loss and prevents future hormonal imbalances to curb gynecomastia
  • Encourages an improved and healthy body circulations and functions
  • Relieves soreness and muscle pains
  • Stimulates a fast reduction of swelling and inflammation on different body parts
  • Offers a non-surgical and painless method
  • Made with 100% skin-friendly, heat trapping polymer fabric to avoid irritations and discomforts


  • Size: S/M (above 180lbs) / L/XL (above 240lbs) / 2XL/3XL (above 300lbs) / 4XL/5XL(above 400lbs)


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