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Cithway™ Nose Exfoliating Brush Face Cleanser

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Cithway™ Nose Exfoliating Brush Face Cleanser

Scrub away unwanted build ups and say hello to a clearer skin with this nose cleansing silicone brush!

A premium, all-in-one nose cleaning scrub that provides a safe and effortless maximum exfoliation performance. Allowing it to effectively remove dirts, dead skin cells, clogged excess sebum, blackheads, whiteheads, and other build ups around the nose. Thus, reducing the appearance of pores and providing you a much smoother, clear-looking glowy skin. This exfoliating brush adopts a soft silicone, textured bristles that scrubs thoroughly while remaining extra gentle to the skin. It is also 100% hypoallergenic to ensure that it can be used on any skin-types without causing irritation, breakouts, inflamed skin, and further aggravation. 

The nose silicone brush adopts a non-slip, finger groove for a secured gripping and better scrubbing maneuverability. It is also smartly designed to easily scrub to the contours of the nose that other brushes can’t reach. Moreover, this nose scrub is lightweight and small in size that you can neatly tote it in without taking up too much space. Perfect for at-home nose cleaning or when you're out for travel, business trips, vacation, hotels, dormitories, and such. No worries as it can be easily washed clean after each use to prevent unwanted bacterial and mold contamination. Made with durable, skin-friendly silicone that promises to withstand regular use without damaging. 

Clear off clogged pores and unsightly blackheads in just a scrub of this nose cleansing silicone brush!


  • Easy Deep Cleaning Effect
    A specialized nose cleansing brush that can successfully scrub deeply around the nose for maximum exfoliation effect. It can perfectly tackle stubborn dirts, dead skin cells, facial sebum, blackheads, whiteheads, and other unwanted blockage through the nose area. Allowing you to safely unclog pores and minimize its appearance to reveal a smooth to touch, clearer skin that everyone would envy. Moreover, this silicone brush can be used regularly to ensure that no dirt and bacteria would build up even without the need to run through a facial spa anymore!

  • Non-Irritating Scrubbing
    This exfoliating brush comes in a soft silicone feature with non-harming textured ball-tip bristles that can very gently, yet thoroughly scrub along the skin. It enables you to confidently exfoliate without causing further aggravation, painful scratching or leaving soreness and discomfort after. The nose scrub also adopts hypoallergenic qualities that can safely be used for different skin-types, including oily, normal, dry, combination, and sensitive skin. Eliminating the risk of irritation, rashes, itchiness, pimple breakouts, and inflamed skin during and after use. 

  • Ergonomic Design
    The nose cleansing scrub is super light in the hands which allows it to be easily lifted and used around. It is designed with a non-slip finger groove to give you a secured grip and better maneuverability even for those with wet or sweaty hands. No worries as the silicone brush can fit in different finger sizes and is applicable to be used by left-handed and right-handed people. It is also expertly-designed to smoothly scrub and easily scrub to the contours of the nose that other products can’t reach. 

  • Highly Portable
    This silicone nose scrub brush is ideally small in size and extra lightweight enough to be easily tote around. You can neatly stash it inside bags, toiletries kit, hygiene bag, and such while still saving up more space for your other essentials. Making it a handy nose exfoliating scrub that you can use at-home or when you're out for travel, business trips, vacation, hotels, dormitories, and more possibilities. The cleansing nose scrub has a hanging hole design that can hang up on walls space-savingly for better storing and easy retrieval.    

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality and flexible, skin-loving thickened silicone material that supports an impressive durability and dirt clearing power. It can withstand long-lasting regular usage without deformation, mold/mildew contamination, and other damages. This nose exfoliating scrub can be also deeply clean with water and soap after each use to remain hygienically clean.


    • Product Form: Brush
    • Beauty Purpose: Exfoliating
    • Recommended Skin Type: Sensitive & all skin type
    • Material: Silicone
    • Color: Purple, Pink. Blue, Green

    • Size: 4.1 inches (H) x .9 inches (W) x .1 inches (D)


    • 1 x Cithway™ Nose Exfoliating Brush Face Cleanser

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