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Cithway™ Magic Ginger Plant Hair Darkening Dye Shampoo

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Cithway™ Magic Ginger Plant Hair Darkening Dye Shampoo

Effortlessly boost up your locks natural black hue with every wash and use this hair darkening dye shampoo!

This multi-tasking hair dye shampoo boasts an excellent darkening agent that can revive your strands natural black beauty back in a breeze. Featuring a specialized, ready-to-use coloring formulation that can be applied effortlessly during wash just like shampooing. Saving you from the messy and complicated, time-consuming regular hair dyeing or the need to go through pricey salons. What’s more? The color does not adhere annoyingly on the scalp and is formulated into perfection to deliver stunning youthful black shade each time. Making it the best quick-fix for concealing hair graying, white hair, salt and pepper hair, brassiness, and even for enhancing faded, dull-looking tresses.   

The easy hair darkening shampoo contains an active ginger ingredient that works efficiently to boost the overall hair and scalp’s health. It successfully penetrates from deep within to supply essential nourishment and moisturization to strengthen and improve the hair look and feel. Furthermore, this hair dye shampoo promotes an incredible long-lasting coloring efficacy that can stay gorgeously black for up to a few weeks. Allowing you to confidently flaunt your dark, youthful tresses without easily fading or causing embarrassing transfers and leaking when wet. Formulated with the highest-grade, hair-loving ingredients that is suitable for all men and women hair types and lengths. 

Give your tresses its darkened, youthful pigment back to its former glory without a single visit to the salon with this ginger hair dye shampoo!


  • Instant Hair Blackening
    An ultimate hair dyeing shampoo that is specially formulated with natural coloring effect which successfully adheres and paints each strand with perfection. Allowing you to cover unwanted hair graying, white hair, salt and pepper hair, brassiness, and even reviving faded, dull-looking tresses back to its healthy black shade. This magic hair dye shampoo adopts a quick-fixing, color treating effect which enables you to turn your locks in its pure black beauty effortlessly in a few minutes. Saving you from the complicated and time-consuming traditional hair dyeing and the need to go through an expensive salon. 

  • Long-Lasting Performance
    This hair blackening shampoo supplies an incredible long-wearing formula that locks nicely to the strands and lasts for up to a few more weeks without diminishing vibrancy. It lets you confidently flaunt that stunningly darkened tresses with not a single grays or whites peeking out. What’s more? This hair dye shampoo also allows you to regularly wash, swim or be drench under the rain without any awkward color transferring and leaking. No worries as it can stay and covers white strands without causing dryness and breakage to the entire hair.  

  • Excellent Nourishing Effect
    The magic hair darkening shampoo is packed with ginger ingredients which boasts a remarkable beneficial effect for the locks overall health. It absorbs from deep within each strand to deliver a gorgeous coloring while simultaneously sending essential nutrients and vitamins. Thus, making the tresses even stronger and healthier with an improved soft to touch feel and look. Moreover, this hair dye shampoo even stimulates the scalp's natural blood circulation which helps in boosting up the hair’s growth cycle. Its active formulation also eliminates the risk of hair breakage, fallouts, and premature hair graying. Providing you bouncy, healthy jet black tresses with an added youthful sheen that every man and woman would envy.

  • Easy No-Mixing Hair Dyeing
    This nourishing hair dyeing shampoo supports a ready-to-use shampoo and coloring mix formulation that can bring back your locks striking darkened appearance in a breeze. Simply apply a proper amount of the product directly to your hair, spread it to even out the dyeing process just like when shampooing to ensure that no strand would be left untouched. After that, let it sit for a quick 8 to 15 minutes to let the color hold, rinse it clean to remove residues, air dry or blow dry hair, and you're all done. No more portion by portion hair dyeing, lengthy steaming, and other hair damaging dyeing processes. No worries as it does not need any product mixing anymore and it also does not awkwardly stick messily on the scalp and skin unlike with hair dyes. 

  • All-Natural Formula
    Formulated with hair-friendly color blackening agent and nourishing ginger essence that creates an effortless, professional-quality hair dyeing. It is super gentle and safe to use for all hair types and textures, including straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, coiled hair, and such. This magic hair dye shampoo does not create any irritations, itchiness, hair breakage or something that can interfere with the hair growth. Lastly, it does not emit any toxic chemical odor and it leaves the tresses so smooth and well conditioned. The hair darkening shampoo is packed in 30 ml which can cover short to medium hair length for both men and women with 2 to more packs for longer tresses.

    How much hair dye you'll need for your specific hair length?

    • Short Hair
      If you have short hair (above the shoulders), 1 pc of hair dye should be enough for a single application. 
    • Medium-Length Hair
      For hair that falls between the shoulders and mid-back, it's recommended to use 2 pcs of hair color for thorough coverage. 
    • Long Hair
      If you have long hair (past mid-back), it's best to purchase three 3 pcs of hair dye for full coverage. 


    • Net Weight: 30ml


    • 1 x Cithway™ Magic Ginger Plant Hair Darkening Dye Shampoo

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