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Cithway™ French Hair Pin

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Cithway™ French Hair Pin

Strut the walkway with an effortlessly glamorous updos that holds only with this versatile hair styling hairpin! 

A nifty beauty hairpin designed with nice curves and sophistication that elegantly holds and creates endless extraordinary hair looks. Featuring a self-locking style that allows you to effortlessly secure the hair to your desired updos in a breeze with an unrivaled grip all day. Providing you a flawlessly neat hairstyle with a fresh and graceful overall look with no constant retouching needed anymore! Suitable for chic updos, charming messy hairstyles, buns and twists, everyday hair wear look, whimsy braids, and more possibilities. Making it the best hair accessory for every lady, especially for fashionistas, hair stylists, beginners, and those who are always in a rush or out at an event.     

This all-style hairpin is ideally light and it supports a secured, gentle hold that can sweep the locks up in place with maximum comfort. The perfect hair tool for everyday wear or special occasions like parties, galas, proms, wedding, date, anniversary, festivities, holidays, and such. It is completely smooth to ensure that you can achieve that gorgeous updo anytime without the risk of hair breakage, split ends, scalp scratches, or fallouts. No worries as this chic hairpin can also withstand an extended wear with not a single hair marking unlike with other products. Made with premium materials that boasts to last a long-term use without rusting and wearing-off. 

Effortlessly elevate your hair game with the help of this versatile hair styling hairpin!


    • Stunning Endless Looks
      A hair beauty accessory that is carefully crafted with fine curved shape and a subtle touch of sophistication which boasts excellent versatile uses. Allowing it to successfully hold the hair up and create endless extraordinary hair looks from chic neat updos, charming messy hairstyles, everyday wear look, braids, and more. This clever hairpin offers a one-clipping step which lets you achieve that effortlessly sleek hairdo in a breeze. Simply pop your hair up to your preferred style, slide the hairpin to clip/lock ,and you're all done. Making a great addition to every young girl and lady, especially for fashionistas, hair stylists, and those who are always in a rush or out in an event.  

    • Long-Lasting Hold
      This chic-looking hairpin adopts a reliable hold that can lock the tresses neatly and securely in place. It can even withstand excessive movements like jumping, running, dancing, and such without loosening grip or completely falling off. Providing you a flawless stunning hair updo all day and night long with no constant retouching needed anymore! You can now exude that overall fresh, elegance, and graceful look that guarantees to make you stand out from the crowd.  

    • Comfortable to Wear
      The versatile hairpin is ideally lightweight and it grips lovingly with the perfect balance of gentleness and security. It can be used for an extended wear without experiencing any discomfort, awkward pinching, and headaches unlike with other hair accessories. It does not contain any sharp materials or edges to ensure that it can slide smoothly through the hair and scalp harmlessly. Moreover, this hairpin is not only totally painless, but it is also 100% safe to be used daily for the tresses. Eliminating the risk and worries of causing hair breakage, split ends, and unwanted fallouts. Lastly, this beauty hairpin does not leave your precious locks with tight creases or dents even after a long night!

    • Multi-Scene Usage
      This all-in-one hair styling hair clip can work solo for sweeping your tresses up to an effortless bun and twist or use multiple clips for a more artsy, sophisticated updos. The hairpin can even serve to help your hair to look extra volumizing with an additional unique touch of classy embellishment. No worries as the hairpin can be also hidden while it holds the tresses if you want it more discreet and invisible to others. An ideal hair accessory for everyday wear or special occasions like parties, galas, proms, wedding, date, anniversary, festivities, holidays, and more possibilities. 

    • Premium Quality
      Made of high-quality, hair-friendly toughened plastic materials with astounding durability and self-locking, long-lasting hold. It promises to withstand several years of everyday usage with endless hair looks without breaking, deforming, or losing hold. What’s more? This hairpin is expertly-designed to cater all hair-styles such as straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, coiled, and so on. Available in different trendy color selections, including cream white, soft beige, brown, black, transparent, and satin sand.


    • Material: Plastic
    • Color: Beige, Khaki, Pink, Neon Pink, Crystal, Sky Blue, Coffee, Green, Black


    • 1 x Cithway™ French Hair Pin

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