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Carcine™ Extendable Rear Seat Tablet & Phone Holder

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Carcine™ Extendable Rear Seat Tablet & Phone Holder

Good drivers always offer a comfortable, cinema-quality road trip experience for passengers - Let's build your mobile cinema with our upgraded zoomable tablet phone holder!

Designed with telescopic arms & 360-degree ball joint structure, this device holder stably clips to car headrest rods at eye level while allowing users to adjust viewing angle and distance. Optimizing the comfortability of watching movie on long drives with the best FOV (field of view) according to passenger's needs. Specially practical for people like:

  • Elderly/ people suffering from Presbyopia
  • Kids (unable to touch screen)
  • Slightly shortsighted / farsighted without wearing glasses
  • People who enjoys perfect eye-level movie watching

Best Tool to Return Peace to Drivers

Our device holder is definitely a cost-saving alternative to expensive rear-seat entertainment system. All you need is...1 tablet + 1 holder! Install it & play a movie, you'll find your children & every backseat passenger being entertained & super quiet even on long drives. No more kids yelling or boring passengers who have nothing to do!

The Most Stable, Anti-falling Mount

The holder is firmly supported with triangular fundamental arms. Able to bear up to weight of 11lb (5kg) without falling forward or flapping down devices like heavy iPad. Made of shock-absorbent material, offering a vibration-free phone holding even on bumpy roads.


  • Best Long Road Trip Essential
    This device holder helps set up a mini car cinema for passengers by mounting tablets/smartphones to headrest rods at eye level. Simply start playing a movie to keep your children & every backseat passenger entertained & quiet on long drives. This holder offers a hands-free way to watch movies instead of holding it manually for the entire trip. Preventing passengers from fatigue caused by prolonged device holding. Parents can drive in peace without paying for expensive backseat entertainment systems.

  • Adjustable Viewing Distance
    Telescopic arms with high stretchability allow users to adjust distance between the device and the passenger. Creating an eye-comfortable movie watching environment with ideal FOV (field of view) according to passenger's needs (e.g. Fold it back for elderly who suffers from Presbyopia). Even kids can touch screen when extending the holder closer, or fold it for a wider FOV while maximizing seating space.

  • 360-degree Rotation
    Designed with a 360-degree ball joint, this holder is fully adjustable for the optimal viewing / tilting angle. Rotate to get a compromising viewing angle when passengers prefer watching together! 
  • Sturdy & Shockproof Structure
    Lightweight components with triangular fundamental arms, offering strong locked support to bear up to weight of 11lb (5kg) without falling forward or flapping down. Features high stability with shockproof property to offer a stable phone holding even on bumpy roads without shaking. Sturdy enough to hold a large iPad on long journeys.

  • Versatile for 99% Car Models & Devices
    The car headrest arm is stretchable from 1.6"-6.9", widely fitting most standard car headrest rods with secure gripping strength. The phone holder clip can be flexibly stretched from 4.7"-12.9". Suitable for holding iPads, Samsung tablets, smartphones, Switch and more.

  • Easy Installation
    All you need is a holder and a tablet: Clip the holder to headrest rods, clip your device to side grips and enjoy your cinema-quality experience! Able to switch between devices anytime, or directly remove it from headrest rods without disassembling.


  • Material: ABS, silicone
  • Size: 17 x 10 x 6cm
  • Extended length range of holder arm: 13cm - 23.5cm
  • Brand: Carcine 


  • 1 x Carcine™ Extendable Rear Seat Tablet & Phone Holder (Box packaged)

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