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BreastHealth™ Lymphvity Detoxification Lifting Bra

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BreastHealth™ Lymphvity Detoxification Lifting Bra

See Our Happy Customers’ Impressive Body Slimming and Breast Lifting Only With BreastHealth™ Lymphvity Detoxification Lifting Bra!

Elena Phillips, 32, Denver, Colorado

“My body had started to change after I gave birth to my second child a couple of years ago and I knew that it was only natural to gain pounds. But after a couple of more months, I noticed that my body hasn’t slimmed down or returned to its pre-pregnancy state since then and instead I’m slowly, yet continually gaining more weight. I feel so bloated and my skin looks awfully loose, not to mention that my breast is way more saggy and feels painful occasionally for no reason at all. Upon my countless research online, I found this well-reviewed detoxification lifting bra and decided to check it out myself. I’m so thrilled that it's not even a week yet and I’ve already been seeing improvements in my body. Each day I felt lighter and the excess fats on my skin had been slimming well. My bust had also been shaping up and looking more plump and lifted unlike the awkward sagging look before. The soreness on my chest area had been also relieved even with or without this detox bra. I've been using it for only 8 weeks and my body had already dropped more than double of my weight before. I look so much more healthy and toned and my breast does not also appear like I’ve even given birth before! I can finally play with my kids without getting easily tired now and wear the clothes that I couldn't before due to my size. I’m so thankful for this product, I highly recommend it!”  


Laurie Anderson, 35, Seattle, Washington 

“I’ve been having a hard time losing weight since way before that even if I take supplements or do exercise nothing seems to work out for me. It’s been making my job much harder for me and even simple activities make me so tired and lethargic. A friend of mine had introduced me to this  lymphatic detoxification bra and I debated trying this one at first, but after reading its promises and its good reviews I gave it a shot. In only 7 days or less it already helps me in cutting down pounds and I even noticed that it even lifts up my bust and makes it look more naturally perky. For each week that passes I can see improvements and even feel an increase in my general health. Within 8 weeks, my protruded stomach had flattened so well that no one would even know that it looked so bloated before. The flabinnes of my arms had also toned and I even gained a prominent curve in my body. I never knew that I could easily lose my excess fat this quick and achieve my dream body just by wearing this bra and even give my chest a full push up. I feel so much healthier and stronger and I don’t feel embarrassed with my own body now. My colleagues were also impressed on how I lost weight so fast without even getting a step to the gym and complimented me on how good my body is. This product is a total game changer and I suggest that you should try it too, especially for those who're struggling with their weight like me.”

What Is The Lymphatic System And What Does It Do In Our Body?

The lymphatic system is the body’s sewerage system that consists of a network of tissues, lymph vessels and organs. It is responsible for maintaining the fluid levels in the body by moving and collecting the excess watery fluid called lymph and returning it to the bloodstream. It even plays an important role in the absorption of digestive fat and protein from the small intestine as well as removing waste products, toxins and abnormal cells from the lymph. In addition, the lymphatic system produces cells and antibodies that help in fighting off the body against foreign invaders and diseases. A malfunctioning or slow moving lymphatic system can lead the lymph from getting obstructed and in turns will get built up in the tissues. This gradual accumulation of excess fluid can make the body swell, causing edema (fluid retention) and thus slowly increase the overall weight. Moreover, it may also lead to a lot of issues and complications, including lymphedema, chronic fatigue, muscle aches and pains. 

A woman’s breast also contains numerous lymphatic vessels that circulate to regulate the local fluid balance and filter out harmful substances. Same with other body parts, once its lymphatic circulation is disrupted, it causes an inflammation of lymph nodes. It appears as a painful enlarged lump under the armpit, breast bone or collar bone area. This is why we introduce BreastHealth™ Lymphvity Detoxification Lifting Bra!

It effectively curbs stubborn body fats and accumulated fluids in the body to keep you toned and perfectly shaped in no time. What’s more? It also gives your breast the desired naturally full and lifted look and prevents awkward sagging due to aging or post pregnancy. 

Get Ready To Slim Down In No Time And Give Your Sagging Breast A Stunning Push!

This unique lymphatic detox bra provides a comfortable fitting and a desirable push up support that instantly creates the perfect lift. Providing you with a flattering look of a round perky breast shape without the harm of restricting the lymphatic circulation and flow in the body to stop lymph or toxins from pooling. Its underlying support also helps in maintaining the tissue and fat in the bust to treat and even prevent future sagging and other breast-related health issues. Furthermore, this product supplies a powerful detoxification thanks to its tourmaline contents which can produce a pleasant heat without electricity and other energy sources. It aims to cleanse the body and target deep through the tissues to eliminate toxins, excess fats and other unwanted substances. Leading to an improved health while simultaneously speeding up calorie burning even at rest to promote an immediate weight loss.    

The lymphatic detox lift bra encourages a healthy lymphatic circulation and helps lymphs to flow smoothly throughout the body. Avoiding any blockages from the lymphatic channels to curb inflammation, fluid retention, and other complications. Its natural detoxification process also assists the body to speed up metabolism to ward off extra fats from getting stored in certain areas. This lift bra even works in quickly easing up soreness and fatigue in the breast and other body parts. In addition, it can be worn for a prolonged period without irritations and the unsightly red indentations once taken off. Achieve your dream toned body and a fully push up bust that would surely make every girl envy in only 8 weeks

How Do Tourmalines Help The Body?

Tourmaline is a powerful detoxifying agent that helps to emit negative ions and far infrared rays. 

Far infrared rays are a spectrum of invisible rays of energy that gently penetrate deep through the regions of skin, tissues, down to the cellular level. It improves metabolism and accelerates the fat burning process in the body, especially those associated with obesity, to cut down stubborn weight. Moreover, the waves produced by the tourmaline promote the natural detoxification in the body to clear up all toxic and waste buildups. Tourmaline can even improve a healthy circulation which also helps in reducing body fluid accumulation and inflammation. On the other hand, the negative ions that tourmaline emits can neutralize free radicals and minimize the effects of oxidative stress in the body.      

Check Out K’s Road To A Healthy, Slimmed Down Body and A Lift Up Breast In Only 8 Weeks:

"I have been continuously gaining weight these past years which makes my body start to hurt with all the heaviness I’m carrying. Not only that, but I also felt some tightness and pain in my breast, especially when I’m wearing a bra which is really alarming. Thankfully though I found this lymphatic body detox bra online and tried it out in desperation of cutting out my excess fats and relieving all the soreness in my body. Nonetheless, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. It helps me out in achieving my body goals in only a couple of weeks and gives my sagging chest a nice push."

Week 1

"For a week of wearing this bra I already saw the decrease in the bloatedness of my body. And true to its promises, it also helps me out in making my sagging breast look more lifted up. What I love more about this product is that it fits so perfectly and it does not give me any irritation or discomfort at all. It does not make my breathing hard unlike with other bras and it allows me to do my task without restriction or leaving red marks after use."  

Week 4

"Another week of using this product and the heaviness of my weight had undeniably reduced. I can see improvements everyday and the drop in my pounds is even more obvious now. I felt a lot healthier and my husband also told me that I even stopped snoring when I’m asleep. The soreness in my bust that I felt ever so often before had also subsided that I can work more and peacefully now."  

Week 8

"After 8 weeks the ugly fats and inflammation on my body had been slimmed out with no loose or saggy appearance. I’ve cut 2 sizes down of my clothes and am able to fit better with any outfits that I can’t wear before. I don’t get disgusted with my own body anymore and I feel a lot more confident and comfortable in meeting and being around family and friends now. My breast has also shaped up so well that I don’t need to wear a push up bra to make it look naturally full. I’m proud to say that it is one of the best things that I’ve done for my health and self-esteem! You’ll never be disappointed with it, definitely worth a shot!"

~Aubrey Campbell, 58, Calgary, Canada


  • Encourage visible weight loss in only 8 weeks of regular use
  • Eliminates excess fats, toxins, body waste and other unwanted substances in the body  
  • Supports the body’s lymphatic circulation to prevent lymphs from blockages and pooling 
  • Treats water retention, inflammation, lymphedema and other lymph issues
  • Relieves fatigue and  body pains 
  • Reduces breast waste due to accumulated lymph and fights off breast-related health issues 
  • Instantly lift up bust to a more fuller look
  • Firmed and shape up breast to prevent sagging appearance


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  • Color: Black / Light Beige / Blue


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